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Hummm, i cant spot it!! But then again i have a hard time telling my left from my right anyway....


Scars suck... I have one on my bottom lip from doing a stupid jackass style stunt.... I had to ride down some stairs on a plastic trycicle and completely stacked it, ended up with a fat lip!!


I hope Mika got his scar by doing something less stupid than that though.....

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I got a scar over my rite eye from running across a road with a grasshopper in my hand to get it to erm grass (haha) I was about 6!!! I wonder if Mika did something as stupid as that..... i will have to put this on my list of questions 4 Mika if i ever meet him!!! LOL poor Mika!!!:naughty:

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Oh, a scar. O_o

I hope it has been an accident.


That would be not nice if he had got it some other way than that! :thumbdown:


It looks like an accident for me, 'cause it's crooked (or curved)...I don't know, what is the right word.

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