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Should Band stay together  

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(I will copy-paste what i wrote somewhere else you tried to launch the subject...) :


I hope they will ! Cherisse and Martin are soooooooo good !! I absolutely love them ! Hope they get along all together for a while...


If you read the credits on the album, you can see who's playing : Greg Wells (producer) is playing drums, guitar, keyboard on many songs, Matt Chamberlain is on it too, Mika even plays percussions on Love Today and many instruments actually ! Actually, none of the actual musicians are on the credits...

I think Cherisse denied a proposition to go with Mika... Or she was working with someone else, that she left to be with Mika. I don't think she would leave him now if everything is ok between them !

I don't know about the other members of the band... I don't think Martin was working with someone in particular before Mika called him and I know nothing about Michael Choi and Luke Jubby.

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It wouldn't seem right if he used other musicians in the future, he and the band seem to have gelled really well together, I couldn't imagine him playing with anyone else now.

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dammn if cherisse left that would upset my hubby no end. he so loves her character and its great to see a women looking glamarous and also playing a set of drums.


I completely agree! girl power!! :punk:

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