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Mika's high school musical


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that's awesome! hmmm... i went on 'media' to look at the pictures, and he seems to be in the last one, unless its my imagination or something.


Thats gotta be him. He's looks DELISH <3 I wonder what Mika's like as an actor. I'm pretty sure he'd never get into that part of showbiz but ya never know.

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how did you manage to find that?!? "you guys always amaze me" someone said....:wink2:

thanks for posting!


Someone mentioned finding pics of Mika's dad on the net and I checked out of curiosity. One thing led to another and I found this page.


Google is a dangerous thing sometimes :wink2:

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Wow how much has our boy grown up!! You could cut paper on those cheekbones!!

I have seen some of the photos before but not all of them Thanx!!

Personally can't wait till hes 40 as he seems to get better as he gets older. He was gorgeous at 18 so words will fail me then!! xx

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