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A message from Mika to everyone one involved with Sivans wonderful scrapbook


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Hello everyone


I've just come back from the HMV performance and signing and had a very brief chat with Mika :)


I mentioned that I was in the scrap book that Sivan had presented him with in LA..


Mika happily says he has been meaning to write a message to Sivan and to each and every person who contributed to the scrap book.


But please bear with him.. it may take some time!!


Something to look forward to everyone!! :biggrin2:


Again... Well Done to our hero Sivan!! :thumb_yello:


Your roving reporter meimei

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I wonder he will message everyone? I wish I took part in the scrap book now :(


Me toooooo!!!! my day is just worse and worse!!! :blink: but i hope he does get around to it, how lovely for the ppl. who did!!! wow good for mika, shows how lovely he is!!!!

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WOOT !!!! :woot_jump:


How cool is that !!!


Meimei thx so much for telling us that !!! You just brightened up my day.... which was incredibly crappy I must say.... I'm on a MFC break cause I'm in my finals and really need to study but I just came here to have looksy and to post a vid.... and I read that ! Wow that just made my day much more bearable now...


Mika if you read this, don't worry, we know you're super busy at the moment, take your time no worries... We're just happy you got the scrapbook and liked it so much !


And once again a HUGE thanks to SIVAN !!!! You rock girl !!!!!! :biggrin2:


And wow... I'm glad I included my email address in there !



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This is lovely news, what a sweetie he is, but we already knew that..:wub2:


Did all of you who did the scrapbook put your mfc usernames and also your real names on your letters? (I did and glad I did now). I'm sure whatever form the 'thank you' takes - even if it's not individual -we will totally appreciate it. Not that we expect a thank you of course, it was our pleasure!

Understatement of the year!

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thanks for telling us....you made my day and night!

Sivan, hold on, just 5 days left and you will have an e-mail in flesh and bones!!:biggrin2:

ok, ok, ok must not panic...but..he has'nt got my e-mail on the letter i wrote for the scrapbook!!!

but i have a myspace, mika.......

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