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When Did You First Heard Or Saw Mika?


When did you first heard or saw MIKA?  

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  1. 1. When did you first heard or saw MIKA?

    • in his video
    • in an interview
    • in a magazine
    • a friend of you told about him
    • you heard his songs on the radio
    • you saw his CD in a music store
    • you accidentally found him on the Internet
    • other

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Top Posters In This Topic

For me it was when he was mentioned on the Queen forum at the end of December. Someone has mentioned how Brian May was commenting on checking Mika out on Myspace etc but when I went on Myspace the songs wouldn't play! And so I gave up for the time being and thought I'd check the site out later. Then coincedently that same day my Dad comes up to me and said 'I heard this great song on Radio 2, I think the guy is called Mika'. Then I told my Dad how I had been trying to hear his songs on myspace but that it hadn't worked. So we went back on the website and it decided to play the songs this time, so was hooked ever since. :cool:

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Well, First I heard Relax, which i really liked, then a friend told me more about him so i began to be more interested in mika....

a few weeks later i saw the live at Koko hich was GREAT!!!!!!

a few minutes later I felt in love with him when i saw mika on a frnch tv show!!!!

He was sooooooooooo cute & soooooooooo kind & soooooooooo talented !!!:mf_lustslow::roftl:


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My friends were singing a song with some catchy lyrics. When I went back home I googled the lyrics and learned the song's name, "grace kelly"

So I was amazed with the song and wanted to learn about the artist. And when I watched the video on MTV I said "Damn this guy is HOT!"

Here I am as a mika fan (more than fan- obsessive) .. and the funniest bit is my friends who sang Grace Kelly once doesnt know much about Mika! They are not Mika fans AT ALL! :biggrin2:

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This is the third time I'm posting this. Anyway, it was this interview at a dutch talkshow called Jensen.




I thought he was quite funny so I downloaded Grace Kelly and listened to other songs. I really loved it and decided to buy the album. (I'm listening to LICM right now as a matter of fact) and that's how I became a fan:roftl:

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The fisrt time I heard about Mika...


it was in the video: Grace Kelly on mtv...

I heard it, and in i think 1 second i fell in love

with him! And I still am in love :wub2:

And, since i'm fan...myy family/friends/school

knows about him :P


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This is sucha good poll!


I was watching MTV back in January and his video came on! They were playing some weird playlist of "new artists" that they never played again so it was like a 1 in a million shot that I'd see him <3 But thank GOD I did :wub2: Then I told all my friends and now we're obsexed

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Grace Kelly was played on the Belgian radio (I live near the border) quite often, and I really loved that song. Then I saw him on the Jensen show and couldn't get that boy out of my head... I had to go out and buy me the cd. Been a fan ever since. :wub2:

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My daughter heard his song said it was great, we were then sat at our pc's when he came on the late night project and she asked me to sit next to her and appreciate his lovely curls. well to be honest I have never been that fussed on curls on a bloke and I thought his song was...ok.

by the nxt day I ADORED his curls and knew all the words to Grace Kelly, then I over took her and got obsessed and joined all the myspace sites but they got deleted by accident but I managed to get an add to Mikamyspace again (phew).

So my daughter made her little video clip utube video to #Grace Kelly cos she adored his song and curls lol, and we just got more and more into him sharing the next interview we had found and the latest pic etc etc, and now I can't stop lol.

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I heard Relax on Scott Mills radio show just before Christmas, he kept raving about his new singer, and at the time I thought it was quite a good song, I thought he was probably some Euro dance act.

It wasn't until after Christmas when Scott and Jo Whiley started playing Grace Kelly, which I instantly loved, that I started looking around for more info, and then I was hooked.

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It was an article in a paper. I asked my sister who this Mika could be, because I thought I had heard his name before. She didn't know so I googled him and listened to his songs. They were great!!

I guess I had heard Relax on the radio before I became interested in him, but I had no idea i was Mika.

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My husband came home from work and said that he's heard a cool song on the radio by someone called Mika. Ha! We found some songs on the net, i was getting to like him like...after 2 seconds!! Ha ha!!! It all happened really fast actually! Won a competition (hubby did) to be part of his audience at a 'small intimate concert' at Maida Vale studios about a week later and that was it - hooked on this very tall man that was standing right in front of me.....wow!! Been a Mikaholic ever since!! Fabulous!!! :thumb_yello:

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