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Chris Moyles, back in our good books


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I was listening to Chris Moyles this morning on the breakfast show and I actually heard him say something nice

about Mika. He said he enjoyed Mika's performance at Preston yesterday. Chris also met Mika and said he is a nice guy.


Well done Chris:thumb_yello:

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Yes I agree , he has been getting great reviews this morning , all he needed was to see him live :biggrin2::thumb_yello:

he should have known this before he saw him live!

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Huh? :blink:

Didn't even know Chris Moyles had said something negative about Mika.

I only saw this clip Mika being hugged by Moyles and though he was a nice man.

Don't tell me if he used to dislike Mika. Don't really care. :roll1:

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