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  1. I'll give this a go... LICM: Stuck in the Middle TBWKTM: Toy Boy SFS EP: Lady Jane TOOL: Origin of Love NPIH: All She Wants MNIMH: Dear Jealousy Honorable mentions: Relax, Lover Boy, Tah Dah, Tiny Love, Staring at the Sun
  2. I've seen her live three times! She's amazing. Love her.
  3. this all puts such a HUGE SMILE on my face. Mika deserves all the best! Cannot wait to watch it in full soon. Thanks to all who's recorded/ shared this special moment. Cheers!
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/coachella/status/1212933086704308226 Coachella lineup just dropped and Mika will be performing ! So exciting.
  5. I'd think Good Guys would have been a wonderful song to incorporate in the set list
  6. Hey ya'll ! Hope you've had some fun seeing Mika all over the place 😁 After seeing him on some of the Tiny Love Tiny Tour dates and also reading the wonderful reviews some of you have shared from his time in Europe (Thank you! 💕), I could not help but notice that Mika hasn't really included any songs from NPIH. Why is that? Which songs would you have wanted him to sing from that particular album? I would love to hear your thoughts... 😉
  7. https://music.apple.com/us/album/tiny-love/1475922750?i=1475922757 IT'S BEAUTIFUL ! Such a wonderful opener to the album.
  8. Hi MFC fam! I am looking for a single ticket for Montreal on the 16th. Let me know. Thanks -Digital Love
  9. Thanks for responding I already have my ticket for that day hehe
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