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  1. Thanks for responding I already have my ticket for that day hehe
  2. Hello/bonjour! I am looking for 1 ticket for the show... Let me know Merci!
  3. Hi y'all! I am looking for 1 ticket for The Tiny Love Tiny Tour show in Montreal on Monday, September 16th. Let me know....
  4. Thank you for sharing the translations. Very much looking forward to next year !!!
  5. Hey friends! Here's my list Love Today Blame it on the Girls Make You Happy (Miami Edit) All She Wants Elle me dit Stuck in the Middle One Foot Boy Hurts (Original) Relax Promise Land Pick up Off the Floor Lover Boy Happy Ending Origin of Love Staring at the Sun Over My Shoulder Karen Rain No Place in Heaven Tah Dah Encore: Lonely Alcoholic
  6. I just got this notification saying that MIKA will be performing at the bell center this fall!!!!!! Can anybody confirm??????? Omg
  7. The are 16 songs I believe in the OSM standalone !!! HMV Japan lists the 16 songs, I'll share the link when I'm home (on my phone). At least it's not 14!
  8. I'm curious to know when he's planning on touring North America with his new album... Winter or Spring 2016? Fall 2016? What are your thoughts?
  9. Up on the Canadian Amazon Website.... No Place in Heaven: Special Edition"This title will be released on November 20, 2015."