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  1. So I know that the chances of the his happening are pretty small, but seeing that the last live album was released 5 (!) years ago and it was about the previous tour (well, not Revelation, but Tiny Love Tiny Tour was pretty much the same), I think it would be a great idea to release an Apocalypse Calypso album. It doesn't have to be just one show, Bercy is recorded, so we'll get a full show released anyways (btw it should get a DVD release, I was really sad last time as well, that only the french tv played it ://), but it could be a compilation album from the whole tour (like Live Killer/Live Magic/Live Around The World by Queen). And if maybe MIKA's team really would release an album from the tour, I think the best MIKA live album ever would be an album that combines the french and the UK setlist and includes every song played on the tour. So maybe something similar as this: Main Set 0. Intro 1. Bougez 2. Apocalypse Calypso 3. Origin Of Love 4. Talk About You 5. Sweety Banana 6. Lollipop 7. Feels Like Fire 8. Underwater 9. Relax (Take It Easy) 10. Yo Yo (R3HAB remix) 11. Jane Birkin 12. Moi, Andy et Paris 13. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) 14. Popular Song 15. Elle Me Dit 16. 30 Secondes 17. Good Guys 18. Billy Brown 19. Grace Kelly Encore 1 20. C'est La Vie 21. Rain 22. Happy Ending Encore 2 23. Love Today Encore 3 24. Any Other World 25. We Are Golden 25 +1. Tehu's Theme
  2. It was really hard to write just around 20 songs, so I actually had to think really hard about this setlist and I'm not even sure that I'd be completely satisfied with it 5 minutes later, but here it is: 1. Toy Boy (Origin tour version with that mysterious sounding Glockenspiel (?) intro and outro) 2. Relax (with the Apocalypse Calypso tour intro, with piano and sing-along at the end) 3. My Interpretation (with piano) 4. Tiny Love (with piano) 5. Step With Me (Heaven Tour version) 6. Talk About You 7. Big Girl (in the crowd) 8. Rain (Heaven version with more or less acoustic first verse) 9. Jane Birkin (with the Apocalypse intro) 10. Popular (Apocalypse Calypso version) 11. Moi, Andy et Paris 12. 30 Secondes (with piano; maybe in English) 12. Origin Of Love (with the latin intro used on several tours) 13. Apocalypse Calypso (with the Apocalypse intro) 14. Good Guys 15. Billy Brown (with piano; Heaven Tour version with the sax intro) 16. Grace Kelly (with piano; Heaven version with acoustic first verse) 17. Happy Ending (Apocalypse Version) Encore 1 18. Love Today (Apocalypse version) Encore 2 19. Promiseland (the original, not the Beirut version) 20. We Are Golden (Imaginariun version with the intro) Bonus (in his pajamas 😂) 20 +1: Last Party 20 +2: Over My Shoulder (with piano) ------- In conclusion, I don't speak french, so I'll always prefer his english songs, but I had to include some french songs as well, because I wanted to represent all the albums and these french songs are the best IMO (and if he really wants to include french songs on the festival/UK setlists as well, then it really shouldn't be EMD or BBB... 😒 or maybe the non-official 'She Tells Me' to change it up a little /wich is much better than Emily/). And I'd (clearly 😂) prefer if he played the piano more. ------- And my dream band for this show would be: MIKA - vocals, piano Tim Van Der Kuil - musical director, guitar, backing vocals Max Taylor - bass, keyboard, backing vocals Wouter Van Tornhout - drums Curtis Stansfield - piano, keyboard, saxophone, backing vocals
  3. So, a little more. (I didn't record much, I wanted to enjoy every second. What I did record are ig stories on my Instagram profile saved in the "music" highlight from a few songs.) This was my second MIKA gig ever (the first one being Arena di Verona), but I feel like this was my first true MIKA experience. In Verona, there was this big arena with the huge stage, two pianos, the giant heart, etc... But Tempodrom was an intimate venue, where MIKA is always truly in his element. In addition, I finally understood everything he said and last but not least, Apocalypse Calypso is the first tour I attended and I hope there will be many more to come Doors opened at 18:30, me and my gf got there around 19:30 and I immediately rushed to the merch stand to buy a tour book (mine's 891/1000). After that we bought some sweet popcorn, 2 beers and went to our seats. We were sitting in sector 21, so we had an excellent view. SYREETA was on stage 20:00 - 20:30, she did a nice gig and the pre-show playlist was nice as well. During the pre-show things I looked around and noticed Tim with the sound engineer and I immediately knew, that the sound will be amazing (he was there in Verona too and I imagine, that him being the musical director, he knows what's best when it comes to the sound). I also saw Andy and Adam walking towards sector 13 and then taking a seat. Then at 21:00 everything went dark; Max, Wouter, Clément and Alban took the stage and while everyone was focusing on them, MIKA sneaked into the cage and started singing Bougez in English. After Bougez I heard the Origin intro (used on the Origin and on the Heaven tour) for the first time and then came the song itself, followed by Talk About You, which I heard live for the first time and it was amazing. During Lollipop many people were dancing instead of sitting in sector 13 and security made all of them take a seat, so as the guys finished the song, MIKA signaled to Alban to continue playing the keys and encouraged everyone to not listen to the security guys and dance as much as they want to, as it's a MIKA show. Feels Like Fire was nice, I especially liked that they played the orchestral version as the intro, Underwater was magical with the whole venue singing along and using the phone flashlights. Relax and Yo Yo were really energetic performances, literally everyone was dancing. Then came the biggest surprise of the night. MIKA started speaking about QTTFT and talking about the tour in France, he said that he changed up the setlist outside France, but because he hasn't been to Berlin in 12 years, he wants to sing a new song to us. And then came Jane Birkin, my favourite song from the album At the end of Jane Birkin the band kept on playing as MIKA invited a German fan to the stage, to help him translate everything, he's trying to say. He said it to the girl in English, the girl translated it to German and then MIKA tried to tell the German translation into the mic as well, it was a quite funny intermission During Big Girl MIKA literally walked through the whole venue (first the standing area, then the seating sectors), took a sip from a fans beer, let a young boy count in for the outro of the song and once again, everyone was dancing. During Elle Me Dit, he told a story about himself, where he was dancing in his underwear in his room (was I the only one, who couldn't stop thinking about the WAG mv? ). Then came Good Guys, a beautiful performance of a beautiful song. Then the wing piano took the stage, MIKA sat down and said while playing the familiar chords "I guess Billy was a good guy", everyone was freaking out. This was my first Billy Brown and it was an incredible one, with MIKA nailing everything with ease and even singing the sax solo. One of the funniest moments was before Billy Brown as well, when MIKA said "this is a song about my sister's ex-boyfriend" I briefly looked at the sound desk, where the sound engineer and Tim where laughing their asses off and the sound engineer asked Tim "Is that true?" and he just said "Yeah it's true, it's true", while nodding and laughing, it was a really pure moment (if I read their lips correctly ). Then came huge classics like Grace Kelly, Happy Ending and Love Today. All 3 of them had excellent performances. My first Any Other World was just beautiful, I was lost for words. And We Are Golden is always the perfect set closer, it was really energetic that night as well. This was my favourite MIKA gig (out of the 2 I attended ) and I think he was really grateful as well, because after 12 years, he still got so much love that night from the audience in an almost sold out Tempodrom. I was a bit bummed first, that we didn't get Rain like Amsterdam (as it's one of my favourite songs), but hearing such songs like Jane Birkin, Billy Brown, Talk About You and Any Other World live for the first time was worth everything
  4. Andy sat in the top ring (sector 13) with Adam, then they disappeared and Andy came back after a few songs; and Tim was with the sound enginieers in the middle of the standing area (wearing his signature hat as always).
  5. szia, Lilla 😊 tbf, I expected the UK setlist like it was in Amsterdam, without any new french songs, so hearing Jane Birkin was a nice surprise (which is also my favourite song on the new album) 🤩 the mad jumping man was - if I saw that correctly - a young boy in the standing area, who really was jumping 😂😂
  6. Tonight's setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/mika/2024/tempodrom-berlin-germany-13aa4101.html The show was incredible, we got the UK setlist but with Jane Birkin instead of Rain and everyone was really happy to hear a new song outside France as well 🤩 In addition, Tim was there at the sound mixing desk watching and overviewing the show as the musical director and Andy was there watching the show as well. I'll write more later.
  7. When the show was announced for Huxleys, I immediately bought 2 tickets for the show and after checking out hotels online, I decided for the ibis Budget Potsdamer Platz; and we our extremely lucky, because it's literally one street from Tempodrom (like a 5 minute walk), so when the new venue was announced I was thrilled. I took this photo today, on the 2nd day of our 5-day-holiday in Berlin and I'm beyond excited for the show 🤩 and the hotel's just great, we are satisfied with the room, with the breakfast, it's literally in the middle of the city and the price's reasonable as well
  8. It's written everywhere that doors open at 18:30 and the beginning is at 20:00. Do you think that it's MIKA who starts at 20:00 or is the support act // SYREETA starting then?
  9. When I think about my situation; I'm Hungarian and I can neither speak French, nor Italian (just English and German) and Germany is also closer to Central/Eastern Europe, so Berlin is the most ideal gig for me and I think there would be people in the same shoes as me. But I prefer seats on concerts, so I know that I won't be queuing 😂😂😂 But us Hungarians are also too impatient to queue that long, so I think that would be a common mentality in this part of Europe😂😂
  10. Is this confirmed? I haven't heard of her before, what do you think will she be a pre-show act? -------- Translation: We have news for you! SYREETA will be a special guest at the MIKA show. You can check out her music on Spotify. *and then the link to his Spotify page*
  11. Végül ki lesz még ott a turné valamelyik állomásán? 😁
  12. I check regularly on Eventims website how many tickets are left for Berlin and in the last weeks I've noticed that tickets are selling slower, but now I know why. On yomika.com it says, that Berlin's already sold out, so if somebody doesn't check Eventim's website, they won't know that there are still available tickets for the show ://
  13. Do you think that there would be some copies left for Berlin as well? I only have tickets to Berlin and I really want to own a copy of this photobook, but I'm not sure if I can, when there's only a 1000 copies alltogether. Neither can I buy them online, because it's sold out in the webshop.
  14. There's already a setlist posted on setlist.fm: seems like Origin is back 🤩
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