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  1. Mika's just posted a new IG story. A dusty car, with a heart with the initials K and M drawn in the dust. I'm thinking it's for Max and his girlfriend (fiancee?). Max posted a story earlier showing a garage with cars stored away. Edit: never mind, I thought Max's girlfriend was called Khloe, but it's Chloe, so not the K on the car.
  2. Dear Mika Please post another photo soon. Your last one is causing all sorts of problems. Thank you!
  3. Ahem. *shuffles feet* I was sent here by Anna Ko because her post in the Missing thread reminded me of something else I'd seen here. Err... yes I think that covers it. Laundry then! Hmm, it's a while since I've done this.
  4. Oh no! Did he get all the pieces back, or do some fans have an extra souvenir? Stealing Mika's hope, shame on them. I hope Zuleika can fix it. Or make a new one.
  5. How lovely is this song? Soft, gentle, tender. Love how the music sounds like raindrops. This is dreamlike. 😍
  6. I'm damning myself to the NC now, but Anna's post made me remember this. Thanks Anna!
  7. It looks like a beautiful, relaxed park. Maybe won't be going shirtless in October.
  8. Anna Ko, you are a naughty madam! Seeing as I've just sent Prisca and CJ to the NC for a lot less - I think you need to be there too!
  9. Good idea. @TinyLove_CJ might be along to help you then too. Seeing as you both wanted to rummage through his clothes, I suggest you forget cleaning and instead tackle the huge pile of laundry. Err... that's big. Maybe just make a good sized dent in it?
  10. Just in case anyone needs it, here is the link to the official Paris tourist office. Lots of info on upcoming events, pre booking tickets and passes, travel info, etc. https://en.parisinfo.com/ The Georgia O'Keefe retrospective at the Centre Pompidou might be interesting.
  11. It's getting easier, if you're fully vaccinated it's almost back to normal, although of course it depends on which country you want to visit.
  12. Does it work for you? It said video cannot be played for me. Not a problem as I can see the VK, but not sure if it's ok for you?
  13. Oops, sorry! Honestly, I'm getting things so confused at the moment.
  14. It's in the text you quoted, there are 2 Google drive links. The 2nd is for the late show. Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oYSO783zip17eMvl7U8zeSjEV1zmcfNJ/view?usp=sharing
  15. Of course! We'll have to work out a meeting time/place, and where we want to eat (and probably reserve a table). You and @giraffeandy have been in Paris before, so I'm open to suggestions. I arrive at Gare du Nord on Friday at 2pm, and leave on Wednesday at 1pm.
  16. Deb, it's my first time in Paris, so I'd like to do the basic tourist stuff too. I'm staying until Wednesday, so give me a shout if you want company.
  17. Would the city walk take in the patisseries? Sounds good, I'd like to do that. It'd be a useful way to get our bearings in a new city. I was planning on having some time for a walk around.
  18. I don't mind wearing a mask during the concerts, it'll be a good reminder to keep my mouth closed and not try to sing.
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