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  1. Since it’s midnight for me it just came out So it’s a different song and I actually really like it . I think he’s planned for it to come out for a while judging by what I’ve seen from his fans it’s just the timing that’s akward
  2. Re reading this I feel even more of an ass now
  3. Has anyone here heard of Britton He was originally on the voice USA in 2018 I found him though a youtuber I watch whose his cousin but started to listen to his auditions though to the final (he didn’t win) and liked him then found his original stuff I don’t follow him too closely and I Don’t think he has any albums just Singles. Cross my Mind is my personal favourite of his Anyway reason I wanted to mention him is I Saw that he’s releasing a song tomorrow (24th) called Grace Kelly At first I thought oh he’s just going to do the tik tok challenge but I think it’s a completely different song and idk if it’s just me but it feels like a bit of a too good of a time to release to get found as it’s obviously going to get clicked with people looking for Mika’s though the challenge. He might just be covering it I’m not sure I might sound like a total ass and I know songs can have the same name as others I’ve seen loads before
  4. Quick question can I talk an Artist from a Different Voice or is this just for The French version I wanted to mention someone but don’t want to if it wasn’t allowed
  5. I'm not vaccinated yet as I was waiting till I had moved for several reasons which should be soon and will then book But yeah should be easier soon
  6. Hope Europe includes the U.K. or maybe I can take a holiday as there’s many places in Europe I want to go and include Mika in that but traveling is still hard in the U.K. I think
  7. This might be the wrong place sorry i didn’t know which thread I should put it in im normally one who dislikes foreign songs since I don’t understand what’s being sung (I’ve always found this) but I somewhat prefer Domani over Tomorrow I’m not sure why I didn’t even relise they were the same song at first but I do enjoy both
  8. Okay so I may just be confused but how many versions of this song are there i feel like I’ve heard 2 Single version with Ariana album version i think I read about a rap version too but havnt found that one this could just be me being stupid I like the ones I have heard though
  9. Welcome im new myself but everyone’s lovely and helpful
  10. My top 3 currently are Dear Jealousy Love you when I’m drunk and staring at the sun it’s my house is a fun one I love listening to but wasn’t sure if it counted since it was only for the show Theres so many that are close to the top I do wonder what people’s least favourites are but that’s Probally a separate topic
  11. Really random but I want to know how long he took to get changed between songs he seemed to go though 5 outfits also thank you to everyone posting videos
  12. Wasn't sure where else to put it but I now have brought My Name Is Michael Holbrook cd today And in my local CEX (second hand dvd and game store in the UK ) they had the Live in cartoon motion dvd for £1 so brought that too
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