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Which gem?


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This may be a silly idea but,

what the heck !


If Mika were a gem which would he be?





I think he would be :

the Tourmaline-

because he is colourful and lively yet subtle.

I may be the lace agate! dunno why but i like the colour !!


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This thread made me think about a dialogue from the Peter Bogdanovich movie What's Up, Doc?:


[Howard walks into the hotel gift shop, wanders around, picks up a big rock, a souvenir of Alcatraz, and starts tapping it with a tuning fork]

Judy: What's up, Doc?

Howard: I beg your pardon?

Judy: We gotta stop meeting like this.

Howard: I think you've made a mistake. You see, I only came in here for something for a headache.

Judy: You're gonna need an awful big glass of water to get that down.

Howard: What? No, you see I was just testing this specimen for inherent tonal qualities. I have this theory about early man's musical relationship to igneous rock formations. But I guess you're not interested in igneous rock formations.

Judy: Not as much as I am in the sedimentary or metamorphic rock categories. I mean, I can take to igneous rocks or leave 'em. I relate primarily to micas, quartz, feldspar. You can keep your Pyroxenes, magnetites and coarse grained plutonics as far as I'm concerned.

Howard: I forgot why I came in here.

Judy: Headache.


So my guess would be: Mika's not a gem! He's a igneous rock!!!

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of those on the pic, a lapislazuli. but i'd say he's an opal, shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow. :wub2: i love opals, they have those holographic patterns, it looks like the inside of the stone is threedimensional, really beautiful!

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Have no idea what gem or stone he would be.... but I am partial to Lapis... and of course the finest Lapis Lazuli in all the world is to be found in Afghanistan :wink2::blush-anim-cl: :blush-anim-cl:





Hrm...maybe a rainbow quartz?





wow they are soo beautiful ! And sooo like MIKA !!!


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