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3...2...1...blast Off!!!!


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ok, i decided to bring this back up cause i've kinda missed it. i stopped when i joined irm (i respect mika) so, its back.

the whole rocketship thing is still going, only 1 rule DONT GET TOO DIRTY!!!! i understand that when we talk about the rocketship, sometimes it sounds dirty no matter what we do, thats ok. just dont come right out and say stuff about mika's package uzzo or any other things that are nothing other than well, what they are.

from now on i would like the rocketship to be nothing but a rocketship. we can still have all the fun in the world, thats ok. i think you can all judge for your selves what is acceptable.

so, thanks for listening to me ramble, and time to enjoy the rocket once again!




last night, a few of us on gabbly (evil but fun) were talking about mika's rocket ship:mf_lustslow: from his shirt


and i thought, since he's so busy all the time, he needs us to take care of it. does any1 think this is a good idea:thumbdown: :thumb_yello: ?? i'll start off being the boss and bouncer, you cant get on without my permission!:bleh:


mika's astronauts

#1 purplegrape- Boss & Rocket Launcher


if you cant come up with a title then here are some good ideas: window washer, fule injector, pilot/co-pilot, or maid and chef cause hes toobusy to cook and clean.


#2 Orangepag- Shuttle Washer:bleh:

#3 phunkygal- Shuttle Painter

#4 Mel Tinydancer

#5 Buttnugget040

#6 Findingmywords- Astronaut Siut Taylor

#7 Sonjalovestoday

#8 Glowstick- Pilot

#9 Lollipop Monkey- Rocket Scientist

#10 Cynthia Mulat- Chef

#11 Rak1- Co-pilot

#12 lazy daisy- Mika's chamber maid

#13 Romy- Shopalaong

#14 xxprincesschezzaxx

#15 cattie girl-Masusse

#16 Wooden sox- Interior designer

#17 norwalk174- Mika's bather

#18 LoveLoveMika- Hairstylist

#19 Wasabi tea- Anime & manga supplier/nerd

#20 Anto- Window washer

#21 Shaza!- Nurse & Offical Chicken Supplier

#22 Finkster- Rocket Woman

#23 Shezzy 12- Shuttle painter

#24 Sofi 89- Doctor

#25 Me-Mi-ka- entertaining Space Monkey

#26 Sparkly1- #1 piston Polisher/Nut Tightener

#27 Becky- Ship Servent

#28 Heineken22- Personal Dresser

#29 Lolliepop Girl- Ship Entertainment

#30 Born4Mika- Mika's Space Suit Washer/Mender

#31 Holly D- Shuttle Engineer

#32 MikaMad- Engine :naughty:

#33 Kachinga!- Bodyguard

#34 Coliee Mika- Safety Inspector

#35 Ju. Thulc-girl- Physicist

#36 katiee .xo- Shoe Polisher

#37 LittleTechieShelina- Tang

#38 BVS

#39 Milou- Toenail Painter

#40 Mika4life13

#41 Pica Mica- Hair Stylist

#42 stormy Weather- Entertaining Space Monkey

#43 Foalbaby14- Music Helper

#44 Englishrose

#45 Wolfs_cry- Mika's Teddybear

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is this all one big complex sexual metaphor or am I just in need of a cold shower? :boxed:


well, you dont just need to take a cold shower, er.....i mean.....its all you!!! i have nothingto do with the way your mind works *looks around shiftly*


mika obsessed and chartreuse: does that mean you want in or not?

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