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The Thank You MFCers thread!!


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we have the 'thank you mika' thread.

The 'thankyou mrs penniman' thread etc

but lets take the time to thank eachother,


ok I hope this is not a bad idea i dont know, but I noticed we all have disagreements and our own oppinions on different subjects, but there is also things that others have done to help you, to make you feel welcome, I know there was the whole fan club award thingies, but im talking on a personal level, who do you personally want to thank?!

who are you thankfull for, and why?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I don't have anyone on here to thank; I hate everybody, because you people can't get it through your thick skulls that I'm always right.:sneaky2:


Wouldn't it suck if I was really like that?! :biggrin2: Seriously, this is a great idea!


I want to thank...

1. heineken22 (Hilary) for being so cool on the 'Religion' thread, and being so tollerant and helpful.

2. Finkster (Jess), for being so friendly when I first started on this forum.

3. JackViolet, for making me pretty much wet myself on a daily basis.


And a whole bunch of other people I'll think of later.:wub2:

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thanks sarah!!



i would like to thank:

1.Ghostsintheradio (sarah) for being my buddy on here, and for not judging me based on religion.

2. Finkster-(jess) basically making me go into cardiac arrest from laughter on the Bond Girls thread :D

3.Norwalk417-you spice up any thread you're on!

4.Mika, for making this place exist!



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I want to thank:


1. violet_sky, because she is so hilarious, smart and always makes me happy and keeps me entertained with her posts. :)

2. avoca, for putting together the amazing birthday project that Mr. Cancel will love whenever he decides he wants to receive it. :D

3. Shanicka (ohwowitsnicka), Marie (Mika owns me) and Candice (canderson), because they are just a super-cool people in general, and are always great to talk to on the Night Owls thread. :)

4. All of the Night Owls, for keeping me entertained night after night.

5. The lovely Knitters and Chicken lovers, for cracking me up daily. :roftl:

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Aw, what a nice topic! Let me see...


I'm thankful for:


All of the Night Owl's because each night when I come home from work I go to that topic to have my relaxation time. All of the girls...Nicka, Jess, Candice, Hannah, Megan, Mel, Hollis, Alex, Marie, photogenic, Hilary etc...etc...etc!!! are loads of fun to talk to and they can be really helpful as well. So thanks, girlies!


Nicka - gotta give you a special shout-out cos you're just da bomb! Plus, you went to see Gwen and that in itself is awesome to me. LOL! :)


CartoonKellyGreen - she really does crack me up daily (where has she been lately??? I need my fix, girl!) Totally a lot of fun!


Suzy & Christine - they always have something intelligent to say and are very level-headed which I think is something important to have on online forums! I have really enjoyed conversations with the both of them!


Freddiesdouble/Fairy Feller/JackViolet (LOL oops, turns out you're not a dude!)/ - I'm glad we have some nice male posters on here like you guys! Keep up the good work! lol :)


I'm thankful for everyone in the Queeniac club as I love talking about all things Queen!


Umm.............and I'm really just thankful for this community. This is truly the nicest forum that I have ever posted on and I thoroughly enjoy chatting with you people. So...yeah...thanks a bunch. :)

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thanks sarah!!



i would like to thank:

1.Ghostsintheradio (sarah) for being my buddy on here, and for not judging me based on religion.

2. Finkster-(jess) basically making me go into cardiac arrest from laughter on the Bond Girls thread :D

3.Norwalk174-you spice up any thread you're on!

4.Mika, for making this place exist!




i think i'm going to cry :tears: i'm so touched...


i would like to thank


heineken - for being amazing

finkster - for being amazing.. jk for having those wonderful conversations with me on the reject thread

ghostsintheradio - for just telling me how to make wonderful avatars

avoca - for making that birthday present thread

carolollipop - for all those mikagasmic pictures


ok my list is getting too long so i'm going to stop :biggrin2:



OMG!!! i can not believe if forgot purplegrape!!!!! whatever.. no one will probably read this anyways but just in case i want to add backflib too and sara ugh this is pointless there too many people to thank



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I don't mind being called a "he" (in fact, I enjoy that!) but "it" is a bit of a different matter!! :shocked::roftl:


This is a nice thread, though. I want to thank all of you for making me laugh and keeping this place busy and interesting.


A completely non-inclusive random list:


Christine for being level headed and telling it like it is.

Babspanky for being a wonderful Mika video provider, even if she thinks him a very overrated person. :naughty:

DaMango for never letting me get off this site.

Deek for saying hmmm... :wink2: and giving everyone conniptions!

CazGirl for trying so hard to make everyone love each other!

violet_sky for providing her great cartoons and remix clips.

Nicka for being a silly billy.

All the apples for being themselves and giving life to L.

The Americans for not making a big deal about the no-tour-in-Sept. :thumb_yello:

Plus there are many others of you I love but want to thank for too many various things to put down here!

And I'd thank Yop but she left. :sneaky2:



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who I would like to thank


The australian Mikamites, all of them, for being so nice

especially MOUSILLE for being so helpfull, for doing me a HUGE favour.


avoca for the birthday present ideas/thread


Sasje, and freddie for being so welcoming in the bar


BillyL for being so helpfull especially to do with computer stuff, (NERD!) Just kidding!


almost EVERYONE for makiing me feel like I belong, for making me laugh, for being so open and for alowing me to share my views!


Jamakkronic because shes just Great heart!


The mikaangels for spreading the gift of mika


CazGirl for trying so hard to make everyone love each other, and for everyone to agree, its hard to keep a cool head sometimes while reading conflict and not get invalved!


violet_sky for providing her Audio remix clips.


Deek because she has a briliant mind


(whoever G493 on gabbly MFC chat is on the mika forum) because theyre just so nice to talk to! even though I dont know your name on MFC you know who you are, THANKS!!


all of the MIKAfurns, living in new zealand or not! so nice to chat to some people that are in the same time zone as me, and the ones who do live in new zealand for being so patient


all those mika fans who one day dream of meeting mika, but have not yet had the chance, the time will come!


a hell of alot more people who I will probably remember AFTER posting this!!

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I would like to thank:

Sherry_baby( she's being like a soul mate to me )

Danika or hotdlp(my italian virtual friend)

Ioana (my country neighbour)

Caz for being so nice to all of us

Sasje for being so nice and welcomed me in her bar

the +16(only for us girls)thread where is like my

second home

all the swedish girls(cause they are awesome)

Ingie V for my signature

and everyone from this forum who loves Mika!

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Aww, what a sweet thread!

Honestly, I think my list would go on and on. I love all of you and thank all of you so much for everything.


-Rosinakiwi I thank you for being thoughtful enough to create this thread.

-GhostInTheRadio (Sarie) for making me laugh endlessly,and for all the good times on the Bond Girls thread.

-Heineken22 (HILARY) For being the amazing, hysterical girl and great friend that she is.

-Norwalk417 (Megan) For all the great conversations we've had! And her endless supply of Mika pictures to cheer me up!

-Kavi for getting me in trouble for staying on this website so late.aha Actually, we do that to each other. :bleh:

-Mandilambi (Mandi) For being so sweet all the time and making me feel welcomed.

-Ohwowitsnicka (Shanicka) For having an awesome name. Oh, yea, and also for making me feel welcomed and for all the hilarious conversations.

-MikaOwnsMe (Marie) For being the hilarious, most random girl she is. And for her conversations about Queen and The Beatles.

-My_Rainbow_Radio (Shelby) For being one of the first people to talk to me. haha And for starting the amazing Bond Girls thread!


Okay, I'll stop there. LOL

I sound like I just won the grammies.

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Aww, Rosina, first of all thank you for being such a sweetheart making this. :biggrin2:


I'm thankful that this forum is the way it is. Everyone's generally so kind and supportive which I find to be particularly unique and quite lucky. I loves you all. I would also like to thank Gabbly for helping me become closer with my very phavorite MPhCers. :wink2:

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It is like winning the grammies, huh.... and there are too many of you to thank, but I would like to mention a few...


Violet_Sky for her remixes and for creating the lovely room to hang-out in.

Ioana for her ability to make me :roftl: :roftl: and often with such brevity of words….genius!

DaMango, for being DaMango, making me screencaps, being very knowledgeable and a nice person to know.

Queenie for her whips and knowing how to use them.

Scut Monkey for organizing the best pics and videos where I can always find them, AND for her ability to sum up many pages of posts in one fantastic post complete with comments.

Hannah, Blue, Kavi, Mellody and the rest of the knitters not mentioned above, for finding and sharing such nice patterns and always helping me out when I don’t quite understand the directions. (they are always so willing to delve into the details) :naughty::mf_rosetinted: And they really made me feel welcomed and at home.

Hannah again for knowing all the Mika interviews by heart and for her willingness to always point people in the right direction, including myself.

Pink Unicorn for sending me Mika Mail from the UK intact with Walkers Cheese and Onion, not to mention some other lovely things.

Suzy for reminding me to clean my house, do the laundry and then for making me laugh when I come back and read her posts.

Too many others to thank, but I do think that MFCers :punk: :punk: :wub2:

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Whom I'd like to thank (sorry in advance to everybody I might have forgotten and I have the feeling those are a lot! :blink: ):


Avoca for her tireless efforts concerning the whole birthday card project, for providing thousands of unwatermarked pics and for being an amazing person.


Hannah for being the sweetest person.


Queenie for leaving her whip at home when she went to Ibiza Rocks and for being so caring.


Sou, for taking me here in the first place and for her constant effort on the broadcasting front. Thanks to babspanky for the latter as well.


Titania for finding all those interesting interviews.


All the people preventing the 'non-readers thread' and ALICE from dying...Hannah, sienna, lilmot, Mesa_Angel, Cassiopée, KiteKat and everybody I forgot, you know who you are...


JackViolet for her way with words and her brilliant mind (there's brains involved I suppose). Write a book, Jack!


Mirtilla for the laugh ringtone.


DaMango for her voice and for what she does with it.

Zsina for the picture captions thread which made me roftl times a hundred by now.


RosinaKiwi for this thread.


Eir for the thoughts thread and the Lunatic Asylum.


KiteKat for preventing me from falling asleep in the chill-out zone by showing me amazing artworks and for her interesting analytical posts. Kudos to Jack for that as well.


The apples for speaking their mind.


Ioana, lilmot, DaMango, Hannah, Queenie and Scut_Monkey for cracking me up in the knitting thread.


Holy Johnny and sparkly1 for disburdening me from my minor sins and for cracking me up.


Freddie for the fabby 'Not-Somerset party' ...What a night!


Sasje and IngievV for not being mad at me after I have lost Freddie, Holy Johnny and the Mika all in one day. Still so sorry...


Niki for being pretty much like me.


Oh well, and yes, thanks to that crazy thing called MIKA who brought us all here (even though it might not have happened on purpose).


Everybody I have ever talked to in here.

Everybody I have forgotten.


youtube, gabbly and myspace, I love you all.

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yes this is a great thread:thumb_yello:


Of couse thanks to all of us, because without us MFC wouldn't be what it is today.


Random list:


Avoca and Aude: Well it's quite obvious no? Because of the great bday present thingy, I love you girls!


Helen100: virtual fellow gabbly gangsta and msn buddy who I can talk to about Mika as much as I want AND in my own language... well, there is still miscommunication and the holland dutch and belgian dutch are still different but hey:mf_rosetinted:


Niki27: Another belgje on the forum, YAY! Which I'm gonna meet at the concert, so thanks to niki for just being niki hihi:mf_rosetinted:


Monco: Someone I already met in real life, and we're going to the concert together, yay! Thanks for not letting me go alone hihi:mf_rosetinted:


Sasje and Freddie: In my opinion some of the sweetest people on this forum


Cazgirl: I dunno, I like to read her posts :mf_rosetinted: hehe


And of course thanks to all the gabbers I met on gabbly, and a special thanks to M:mf_rosetinted:

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