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New myspace bulletin from MIKA


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’Relax (Take It Easy)’ and ’Lollipop’ officially released to..


Hello guys


Well on the last day of the year, we can sign off with a bang with the official release of 'Relax (Take It's Easy)' and 'Lollipop'. There are different formats available and you can purchase your copies using the links below:


Relax (Maxi CD) - 1. Relax, Take It Easy; 2. Lollipop [Live From L'Olympia Paris]; 3. I Want You Back [Live From L'Olympia Paris]; 4. Relax, Take It Easy [Dennis Christopher Remix (Radio Edit)] and 5. Lollipop [Fred Deakin's Fredmix]


To purchase click here


Relax/Lollipop CD. To purchase click here


Relax Limited Edition USB stick: 1. Relax, Take It Easy [New Radio Edit]; 2. Lollipop; 3. Relax, Take It Easy [Alpha Beat Remix]; 4. Relax, Take It Easy [Frank Musik Mix]; 5. Relax, Take It Easy [Ashley Beedle's Castro Vocal Discomix]; 6. Relax, Take It Easy [Live In Paris (5.1 Surround)]; 7. Lollipop [16:9 Bunny Action]


To purchase click here


In the meantime, this is another opportunity to thank you for your fantastic support throughout 2007 and may we wish you, on behalf of all at Mikasounds, the very best wishes for 2008.


Love Mikasounds

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does anyone have the usb stick yet? does the usb stick itself have a mika design? (if yes, please post a photo! :biggrin2: ) and are the last 2 tracks videos?


i ordered it. i´ll post pics when everything arrives, don´t worry!!

2008 is gonna be fantastic, i know! :punk:

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