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Yes! I just found a new distraction! The L Word - I got the first season for Christmas and this means its competing with my time on the MFC...Actually gonna go now and watch some while the kids are enjoying the snow outside. :biggrin2:

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im obsessed with photography, im better at expressing myself with it :blush-anim-cl:


me too !! it's not my obsession, i like take photos for others but they don't usually take photos for me, sometimes they do, but they don't send them to me, but it doesn't matter ! i love lomography, coz it comes out so true and all in high saturation, but im not allowed to do it now coz my parents got angry about it and they think im too old for these stuff! so i use photoshop to raise the saturation level of my photos :roftl: though i can handle it, i don't use ps too much, looks fake sometime ... Ooh, how i miss my old camera ! my mum left it on a bus then it was gone !!

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Not obsessed-more "Dedicated". ;)





Little Britain

The X-Files

And my little secret-but not so secret-vice...


And pretty much all things related to above! :)


I also love taking photos, but I don't do that much. Some of my examples are here All P!nk I'm afraid!(the lighting was really bright at the start of the concert...!) :(

I love Budgies too, but I don't have any... my boy died and I couldn't bring myself to get another. *sobs*


Ooh and Facebook-that thing is addictive!

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The Goth detectives :naughty: :naughty:



Bob Skeleton!


:thumb_yello: How could I forget the Boosh!!!! *hangs head in shame* I'm a bad fan!!:blush-anim-cl:


I love the Mighty Boosh too! (Seeing them live in November YAY!)


I'm Booshless sadly..

Holland does not know of the Boosh.. so they won't come here.

You're lucky.. Say hi to Noel from me when you see him will ya.

Tell him they can sleep on my couch if they do a show here.

They can even sleep in my bed but I don't know how they would take that.

It's a bit small too but we could spoon.



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i've no idea bout hobbies really ...


i love everything visually appealing to me ! but i don't judge or obsess with appearances.

i love shopping buying things not necessary to common people, lots of accessories, i shop things bit expensive or extremely cheap, my glasses frame is 2 dollars from the flea market. i usually don't go for lots of high streets and i will never ever spend my money on those 'popular' hot handbags and heels on magazines!! i got so lost at the groundfloor of the department store, it's almost impossible for me to find a new bag that i really like. my old one is really old for now and i tried so hard to geta new one but failed :boxed: i can only turn to the other departments to have a look at the interesting stuff. i love toys, i have 3 Blythe dolls, i used to make dress for them. i love art work by yo****ommo nara ... i love make-ups and nail colours, and i have lots and lots of them which bothers my mum a lot. i do like meeting new people but sometime it's really difficult for me, if i go out, i talk a lot to everyone but usually end up going home very early and alone. i love my family, my dog, my real friends who really understand who i am.:wub2:


oh, music ! gigs and festivals ... apparently, im obsessed with the gorgus at the moment ... but yeah, im waiting for some new artists new albums to come, yeah, always learn something good


oh, and sylvanian families, my favourite little figures, all about nature, family and love ... never collect them since there are too many and too toddler like,haha

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I'm obsessed with music in general!


Though at the moment, I'm rather addicted to Jobriath's music in particular. He's hardly known at all, but he released two albums back in the early 70's, 'Jobriath' and 'Creatures of the Street' (both of which are fabulous! :biggrin2: ), and his music had a glam rock kind of sound to it, with a dash of musical theatre. Unfortunately, these were unsuccessful back in the day, so he was dropped by his label and didn't make any more albums (though there was apparently some stuff left over for a third album that never happened, and he continued performing music, but under the name Cole Berlin, and this time with a cabaret style), and even more unfortunately, he died of AIDS in 1983... D= so not a particularly happy story there. But ahh, his music... I love it! chikas_pink13love.gif


Plus, I'm also slightly obsessed with astrology, philosophy, general weird stuff... :biggrin2:


(Oh, and let's not forget my extremely long-running [but not rabid LOL] obsession with Japan!)

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I'm obsessed with music in general!

Plus, I'm also slightly obsessed with astrology, philosophy, general weird stuff... :biggrin2:


(Oh, and let's not forget my extremely long-running [but not rabid LOL] obsession with Japan!)


my friend and i, we are all little bit obsessed with astrology, silly stuff, lol

to be honest, i can only love big cities coz i never left big cities, im too easy to get bored ... tokyo is nice, too busy for a bit, i caught a very bad flu there, coughed for 3 weeks ... hongkong is good, funny mixed place, grandma and food, yum yum yum

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my obsessions:

-basically music in general, but there are a few more specifically


-David Bowie


-The Beatles

-Twilight books (i'm the biggest hypocrite on the planet. :naughty:)

-the idea that i can get out of the house soon, and live where i want to, without my family.

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YOU LOVE JC????? I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Queen, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Degrassi, Mittymoo, and Cranberry Soda. :mf_rosetinted:



The only cd I have ever owned that was on constant play for a year, other than LICM was JCs Schizophrenic. I love that cd, if you ever get to listen to it I recommend track 9, heh heh!

I guess I'm obsessed with penguins too come to think of it, ha ha!

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