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Mika turns Westerpark upside down


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In de concertreeks 'Live At Westerpark' was het afgelopen dinsdag de beurt aan Mika om Amsterdam op te vrolijken met zijn muziek. Hij vulde het park met muziek, dans en humor. Vrouw.nl was natuurlijk aanwezig en ging los op deze geweldige muziek!


Het is snel gegaan met de roem van Mika. Vorig jaar gaf hij een succesvol concert in de Heineken Music Hall en nu stond hij voor een nóg groter publiek. Het optreden in het Westerpark was vergelijkbaar met het eerdere concert. Ook ditmaal had Mika allerlei dansers, acrobaten, ballonnen en confetti meegenomen om er een groot feest van te maken.


Het was wel even afwachten met het weer: eerder op de dag viel de regen met bakken uit de hemel. Gelukkig bleef het tijdens het concert van Mika de hele avond droog. Tijdens het anderhalf uur durende concert tracteerde Mika zijn publiek op alle hits en songs van zijn album Life in Cartoon Motion. Verschillende malen sprak hij het publiek toe in goed Nederlands. Dat had hij van tevoren goed ingestudeerd!


Op het Westerparkse podium gebeurde van alles en was het vooral een gezellige boel. Tijdens Big Girl (you Are Beautiful) kwamen vijftien dikke dames het podium op, om samen met Mika te dansen en te springen. En tijdens Happy Ending kwamen de ballonnen uit de lucht vallen.


Mika had nog een extra verrassing voor het publiek in petto: hij zong een nieuw nummer van zijn nog te verschijnen album. Hij kondigde ook dit nummer aan in keurig Nederlands. Het concert werd uiteraard afgesloten met zijn nummer 1-hit: Relax (Take It Easy). Natuurlijk kreeg hij daarbij veel bijval van het Nederlandse publiek. Dat ging helemaal los en begeleidde de zanger naar het einde van een mooie avond.



In the concertline "Live at Westerpark" it was Mika's turn to make Amsterdam happy with his music last Tuesday. He filled the parc with music, dance and humor, Vrouw.nl was there and went crazy on the amazing music!


It all happened fast with Mika's fame. Last year he gave a successful gig at the Heineken Music Hall and now the audience was even bigger! The performance in Westerpark was similar to the earlier gig. Also this time, Mika had brought dancers, acrobats, balloons and confetti to get the party started.


The weather however had left some expectations: earlier that day, the rain poured down. Luckily during the Mika gig it stayed dry the whole evening. During the one and a half hour gig Mika gave the audience all the hits and songs from his album Life in Cartoon Motion. Many times he spoke to the audience in good Dutch. He had studied that very well!


On the Westerpark stage many things happened and most of all it was a happy happening. During Big Girl, 15 big ladies came on stage to dance and jump with Mika. And during Happy Ending, balloons came flying through the sky.


Mika had an extra surprise for his audience; He sang a new song from his upcoming album. He also announced this song in perfect Dutch. The gig ended with his no-1 hit: Relax take it easy. Ofcourse the Dutch audience sang with him. They went crazy and supported the singer to a beautiful ending of the evening.

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Thanks for this Ingie, and the translation too.

Brings back memories of an awesome day!

I love Amsterdam, despite the rain, can't wait to go back there.

BTW, Ingie,I love your avatar too.

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Zomg, even fok.nl which is one of the most critical sites around gives Mika 4.5out of 5 stars, and an excellent review. I shall translate:


This summer is the second time openair concerts are held in the Westerpark in Amsterdam, called Live at Westerpark. Big names as Radiohead and R.E.M have performed, and Tuesday was Mika's turn.


On a site that made you think of a miniature Lowlands, 18.000 people came together on Tuesday night to admire Mika together. But first there were the 2 support acts, Sam Sparro and Hercules & Love Affair. There's not much to say about both. Sam Sparro was ok, Hercules & Love Affair was boring and sometimes even unclear.


But we didn't come for that, we want to see Mika! Around half past 9 the time was there. After an incredible act with a soaring clown, he enthusiastically ran on stage, on the tones of 'Relax, Take it Easy'. The first tone he sang was very high and it was immediately very clear: That promises something! The audience immediately goes crazy on the first song. Also other songs from his debutalbum 'Life in Cartoon Motion' passed like 'Billy Brown' and 'Any Other World'. Many songs got a little bit of extra, for example the dancing big girls (including cartwheel from one of the women) during 'Big Girl'. A shadeplay before his newest single 'Lollipop' and a drum battle half past the song 'Love Today'. Ofcourse also balloons ('Happy Ending') and confetti couldn't be forgotten.


Clowns, acrobats, dancers, a smiling clown as background: it's obvious that Mika doesn't like to hold back. It's one big show. You could think this is to hide the fact he isn't good live, but nothing is less true. He sings crystal clear, while energetically running around the stage. But when something goes wrong, it réally goes wrong, like the beginning of 'My Interpretation', where he has a false start twice. "I feel like a child in a piano lesson". It doesn't matter, he is instantly forgiven.


All in all, the performance was one big spectacle, the audience sang along with every song and couldn't stand still. Especially during the cover of 'Just Can't Get Enough' of Depeche Mode the audience turned into one big dancing and singing crowd. The weather was also in favour of Mika: after a whole day of rain, it was dry during the performance. Only after the last tones of 'Relax, Take it Easy' (Opener and closing) died, it started raining again. The weather loves Mika and the 18.000 people who were there in Westerpark. What an amazing performance!




And I loved this video of MI




"This never happened, understood..Shh!":naughty:

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