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the Blackall project in MFC....why not?


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let's follow the Maestro's instructions...let's start a Blackall project among us!


i am bored....who wants to be bored with me?:naughty:


do you like drawing?

do you want to challenge Mika and Sophie?

can you spend a little money on stamps?



then you can join the project!




we came to the conclusion that mika and sophie are passing the paper between themselves without discussion.....now sophie has drawn the girl and sent it to mika...

mika will add something without telling her...and so on.


so, let's do the same, let's add features to the girls according to our fantasy!

and send the drawing to our partner.




we don't want Mika to copy us, do we?:wink2:


only the final result will be posted....and we will see which is better, ours or Mika's and Sophie's!


we can choose someone from our country or near by and exchange real paper drawings by mail...or scan our drawing and send the scan to our mate...who will print it, add the new feature, and then scan it again and send it to the other...


Brrrr that was complicated to explain!



shall we start?

first...who wants to be my mate?


and who wants to play the blackall game?


avoca - robertina

wendi - racha

willywonka - neiobi

guylainem123 - FREDDIESDOUBLE

Blue Sky - happikali

poohsticks - ruth

Diana - Monie

Piperita Patty - Greta

lindemfc - Gracekelly85

Kelzy - Soangel

Tanya K (australia) - Lolliepop girl (new zealand)

Oakie Doke - englishrose

Kath - Jodi ice

mozarella (sweden) - Jodi ice

IngievV - Vixenbbw

IngievV - Niki27

daydreambeliever - Foalbaby14

tauruslady (ireland) - Mici (israel)

musicfreak (usa) - I<3MIKA!!! (usa)

inezzz (belgium) - vanessa

elanorelle (canada) - racinghorse83 (new zealand)

england (usa)- marlau 20zr (argentina)

lady godiva - iadoremika

louiza (greece) - shikutukumimika

gracekelly85 - Miss Lollipop54

DANI56 - Giulietta - MrsBrightside

achtungbaby - Daniella92

lucrezia - keti

tayler - england

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I'm in but i'm a crap drawerer lol...


Robi, i'd say see who signs up and then see if you can match people by country :)




Good idea! It's funny as soon as I read Mika's note I wanted to draw:naughty:


I don't know if you should add me though, I should be doing work for college:rolleyes: not playing games on MFC


i'll add you with a *....you'll tell me what to do!:thumb_yello:

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no...weNdings gifts!:naughty:

seriously....will you choose your mates, or shall i take two by two in order of arrival?:naughty:


it depends how fast pace we have to be... my country would be faster, but internationaly would be more fun.


but i'm easy going, i'll go with whatever!

(although i do find wendi cute :wink2:)

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