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Mika on snoozer - december 2009


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And new edition of TBWKTM will be release in Japan.



CD1 Japanese edition CD+Enhanced specifications (download of the remix version

We are golden, download screen saver of MIKA )


We Are Golden, Blame It on The Girls, Rain, Grace Kelly, Love today, Big girl


more details... about this edition's advertising from mag.

(PV )We Are Golden, Blame It on The Girls, Rain etc,.

(PV )We Are Golden(making video)

(Album) The boy who knew too much (documentary)

(Live in Paris) Grace Kelly, Love today, Lollypop

And more bonus contents.

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I think Wonka was responsible for this photo shoot. :roftl:


Awwwww, Christine, that is so flattering, but i don't have the skills to do something fancy like this...:wub2:


Mine are plain rubbish just to keep myself amused...:naughty:

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I was gonna say that Wonka's pictures are better:naughty:







I seriously don't get it?!

the photos of mika are ok, but the way they're photoshopped into this pictures :boxed: I laughed in the beginning cause I thought the opener of this thread was joking, but app not...:teehee:

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strongly reminds me of


:lmao: :lmao:


this certainly includes some of the cutest pix i've seen of mika - but also some of the strangest photomontages! :naughty: t4p! :thumb_yello: so is there an article/interview with it as well?

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