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WE ARE GOLDEN VIDEO Competition Results!!

Blue Sky

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YEAH!!!!!!! I'm one of the winners!!! I'm so happy. need to pinch myself!

i've worked so hard at this clip of mine!:boing::boing::boing::boing::boing::boing::boing::boing:


Congrats to you and to all the other winners! :groupwave:


And welcome to the MFC, Navah! :welcomeani:

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(EDITORIAL COMMENT: Interesting article on those two boys who won the competition. Seems they were a bit more than just casual MIKA fans... Hmmm...)




by Mickey Ferry


STRABANE'S leading internet film-makers, Ciaran Duffy and Dhamodar Smith have taken things one step beyond by winning a major competition involving pop star Mika.

The popular duo, whose wacky videos have been generating thousands of hits on Youtube for two years now, recently became one of five winners in a worldwide competition, where all entrants had to make a video for Mika's latest single, 'We Are Golden'.


Ciaran and Dhamodar's colourful and inventive video is the only winner out the five to come from the UK and Ireland.


Their prize comes in February when they get to meet Mika himself when the singer, who also had massive hits with 'Grace Kelly' and 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)', performs in Belfast's Waterfront Hall.


"The idea to do the video came about after I was watching the actual video for 'We Are Golden' on TV," explains Ciaran.


"They only showed part of it but at the end put up a weblink which they said had the entire video. I went onto the site just to see the full video and that's where I saw the ad for the fans' competition. I spoke to Dhamodar about it and we thought, why not."


"One of the rules of the competition," Dhamodar explains, "was that the video had to be based in a bedroom, so that narrowed down where we could go with our ideas.


"We discussed a number of things and then opted to convert the big room into a bedroom and that gave us a greater scope."


Ciaran and Dhamodar's video centres on a secret Mika fan, who hides his appreciation for the singer behind rock posters of icons like Kurt Cobain.


As a Cobain poster falls from the wall a Mika poster is revealed and the young fan goes under the bed and crawls out the other end into the 'secret Mika room'.


The duo submitted the video and expected to hear within 30 days if they were successful or not.


"Thirty days passed with no news so we just assumed that we didn't win. It wasn't until two months after we sent the video that we got word that we were one of the five winners.


"We were well pleased because it was a worldwide competition," explains Ciaran.


The attention to detail shows that even within the short period of a year, Ciaran and Dhamodar have taken their video-making skills onto a new level, creating a video that would sit comfortably on MTV. As ever, the duo are thinking ahead and are presently putting the finishing touches to a new video they've been working on with Lifford singer-songwriter, Mickey Joe Harte.


"It's a video for a Christmas song Mickey is releasing, simply called 'Christmas Day'," explains Dhamodar. "It's the second time we've worked with Mickey and it's going great. We're always planning new ideas and new videos.


"It's great to see that the interest in our videos, especially the new Mika one, is growing in different parts of the world, judging by the comments we're getting on Youtube."


Ciaran and Dhamodar's video for 'We Are Golden' has so far generated almost 11,000 hits on Youtube and that figure is set to sky-rocket in the next few weeks. The video can be viewed now on Ciaran and Dhamodar's Youtube channel. (http://www.youtube.com/user/nameuseriswhat).

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t4p deb!

well, didn't we say right from the start, that this one looked too professional! :fisch: i mean, i don't mind if they're mika fans, but from that article it sounds more like they aren't really and just did it to promote themselves. :sneaky2: hope it's just the way it comes across in the article because it focuses on them as film-makers, but if they really aren't fans, then i don't like this. :no:

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I'm sorry but I think it's totally uncool of them to do that. I'm a bit upset really that they took away the opportunity from a fan that cared much more about the prize/competition than they did for the recognition (because that's what it seems like they did it for).

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