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Any fans of BBC's Merlin out there??


I know we have at least one or two people here on MFC who watch it :naughty:. So I hope to see a few contributions here from others (or shall I just post endless pics of Colin Morgan here, all by myself...either way it's fine :mf_rosetinted:)



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I'm enjoying the new series so far, on the whole.


Merlin and Arthur's relationship seems to be maturing, and their scenes are great. I also loved the Merlin/Morgana scene in the crypt..I was dying for Merlin to reveal his magic to her :kaf: (yes I've been dying to use the kind and fine smiley too :aah:).


However I am a bit worried about the show's ratings. Going up against X Factor is very dangerous :blink:. It would be a great shame if it wasn't recomissioned after this series because of falling ratings, because it's a great show and I would miss it.



Time for a few gratuitous pics.






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I don't normally go for blond blue-eyed athletic thick types, but Prince Arthur has a fine set of pectorals and keeps showing them off. :blush-anim-cl:


I wil definitely keep watching :teehee:


There are indeed many levels on which to appreciate this show :biggrin2:.


I'm a Merlin girl myself rather than Arthur, but yes, he's not unnattractive :teehee:. Keep watching!

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This show was great, so sad it got canceled. Morgana is my favorite :wub2:

Morgana is my favorite too! She is very beautiful! I had read somewhere that Katie was taken to that role for the event. I think She was the assistant costumer on "the Tudors"set. :mf_rosetinted:

But I must say one thing: with everything they have distorted in the series they could end it a little bit better! :banghead:

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