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Mika wins 'Migliore Tour Internazionale Huawei' @ TIMmusic Onstage Awards 2016


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Mika wins 'Migliore Tour Internazionale Huawei'  @ TIMmusic Onstage Awards 2016

(Best International Tour Huawei)



Tonight -Friday, 18 March-  they're broadcasting the final evening  on Italian TV and radio: Rai2 and Rai Radio2 at 21:15.

Mika isn't among the guests, maybe he's recorded a video message. 


La serata finale dei TIMmusic Onstage Awards sarà trasmessa venerdì 18 marzo alle ore 21:15 su Rai 2 e Rai Radio2. In quell’occasione saranno presenti sul palco Marco Mengoni, Negramaro, Clementino, Elisa, Emma, Max Gazzè, Francesca Michielin, Negrita, Nek, Max Pezzali, Subsonica e The Kolors.





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Internazionale tour? Can someone explains me that?  

He won for Best International Tour, he won by a landslide public vote but ultimate decision was a by a panel of judges from the music and media industry. But in this case he was the clear winner so I don't understand the need for panel. 

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Us MFCers have long known he's an amazing tour performer, i'm glad the others who decide this award agree  :yes:  :clap:  


Did anyone watch this? What'd they say about Mika?

I didn't, but as I understood by reading comments of people who did, apparently he wasn't even mentioned. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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