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Hi everybody!


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Hello everybody!

My name is Chiara, I am 39 and I live in Siena, near Florence.

I have been following Mika since his first XFactor :fisch: : I am not an "old" fan, but I have been studied a lot in the past two years :teehee:  :teehee: :teehee: !!

I was in Florence in 2015 and in Perugia last july, two wonderful shows!

I am so happy as I got my tickets for Florence 30th, I am counting days!

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Hi Chiara!!

I'm Myriam, 47, and I'm from Rome!
So happy that you joined us here!

And that you managed to get tickets for Florence, we will have a great meet-up, I don't know if you already replied to the poll to confirm your presence at the party.

If don't, you'll find the news HERE:




Be free to to join us at the Italian Thread, too, at the direct link:


The direct path is: Forums > General Chat > MFC International > ITALIAN THREAD - XVII parte

Enjoy your first time on MFC, hope to see you in Florence, or at the show, if we will be lucky to be there!!

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Thank you Myriam and Martina! I read about MFC pre-show Meet up on FB, I'm going to read the post and reply :yes: .

I think I will be there!


You can find the thread on "Before the show".

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Hi Chiara, nice to meet you! I'm Gabriella, I live in Alba (Piedmont) and I'm 42 years old.

Welcome to the MFC!!!

I'm very happy that you'll be with us in Florence before the Mika's concert! See you there! Bye! ✌

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