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Mika's 'Lollipop' Sees Significant Sales & Streaming Gains After 'SNL' Bump

2/21/2019 by Kevin Rutherford



The 2007 song was featured in a bar fight sketch during the Feb. 16 episode of the NBC show.


A Saturday Night Live sketch prominently featuring Mika’s 2007 song “Lollipop” is giving the decade-old song from the British pop singer’s debut album a second life.

According to initial reports to Nielsen Music, the song saw significant gains in sales and streams following its inclusion in a sketch during the long-running NBC show’s Feb. 16 episode. That most prominently includes a 9,333 percent boost in digital downloads between Saturday (Feb. 16) and Sunday (Feb. 17). The track is on its way to around 1,000 downloads in the Feb. 15-21 tracking week as a result, up from a negligible amount in the previous week.

Additionally, “Lollipop” racked up 39,000 on-demand streams on Feb. 17 and another 35,000 on Feb. 18. The two-day total of 74,000 easily eclipses the song’s streaming count for Feb. 15-16, 34,000, resulting in an overall boost of 118 percent.


“Lollipop” failed to chart in the U.S. upon its original release, but Life in Cartoon Motion was able to crack the Billboard 200 at No. 29 upon its release, moving 30,000 copies on the tally dated April 14, 2007. “Lollipop” was, however, a success globally, charting in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden and more.


The aforementioned sketch shows episode host Don Cheadle squaring off in a bar fight with SNL cast member Beck Bennett. Fellow cast member Mikey Day accidentally plays “Lollipop” on the jukebox to soundtrack the spat, and the sparrers eventually find themselves unable to resist dancing to the tune.


Mika seemed as surprised as anyone else to hear the song on SNL, tweeting Feb. 17 that he “cried laughing watching this, total surprise.”




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Singable Sunshine: Songs in Wait for Spring


By Ditta Demeter Columns, Harmony, Music, Playlists March 12, 2019

Next up, a song that has never, ever failed to make me smile, no matter how down I was – or how many degrees below zero the temperature fell.

“Lollipop,” my personal favorite from Mika’s hugely successful 2007 album Life in Cartoon Motion, is essentially a retro pop hit at this point, but the energy of its joyful vocals and dynamic drums didn’t fade with time. On the contrary, “Lollipop” is a true throwback track: With every listen I embark on a three-minute journey to my carefree childhood and forget about the much less uncomplicated present. Much like the candy it takes its title from, this song is a bit of a guilty pleasure: an unsophisticated, unashamedly saccharine piece of glam pop that the more selective (or snobby) music lovers amongst us might look down upon. But me? I’d never say no to all this sugary goodness.


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