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Here is little Finnish Mika fan currently living in England. I've been fan ever since of beginning! I went to my first concert in 2007. This is not my first account here. 


Mika has been really important part of my life and there has not been a day without me listening mika. When I was a teenager, me and my mom both went through mental struggles which led us to fight a lot, and it seemed that we will lose contact... My mom didn't want this to happened and tried to save our relationship by bringing me to Mikas concert on sweden. Best decision ever, we both fell in love and found common interest. Next year 2008 we travelled together around the Europe in mikas concerts. That totally saved our relationship. 

In 2010 we lost our home in fire. My mom wanted to cheer me up once again and brought me to Sweden to see mika. On our suprise we got invited to backstage where I chat with Mika and told him about our home. Mika took my address up, and couple month later I received parcel in post. It was from mika with all his albums and dvds inside. That was just amazing and cheered me up on difficult times. 


I have gone lots of struggles and big changes in my life. I have moved to Holland and later here in england and it has felt like there's nothing in my life that I can hold on, expect Mikas music. It is everywhere with me. Now that I leave in England, I see my mom 3 times a year. But we speak on phone weekly, that is something I couldn't believe 13 years ago before mikas music connected me and my mom! I am forever thankful for that!!! 


I even have mika related tattoo!! 


Coming to Barcelona concert but sadly without mom. I hope I can somehow to get money to buy tickets and flights and suprise my mom and meet her in some mika concert next year! 

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2 hours ago, Gabry74 said:

Hi Saida! :bye:

Thank you very much for your introduction, I'm Gabriella and I live in Italy, nice to meet you and welcome again in the MFC.

I hope to see you in the next tour and with your mom!

Have fun here! :cheer:


Thank you very much Gabrielle! I hope to see you too! 

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Ohhhh what a sad but at the same time nice story. Welcome to the MFC, Saida :welcomeani:  What a beautiful gesture from Mika sending  you all the DVD's.He's is a golden heart. :wub2:

I'm going to Barcelona and I know other MFCers will be there too. Hope we can meet you and enjoy the concert and share our love and experiences about him. 

I hope you enjoy the forum and  make good friends. You'll find a big Mika family here.


Here you are a thread that will help you to know how the forum works



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Hi :bye:Welcome back to MFC :thumb_yello:

If you lost your password for your first account it can probably be recovered in case you want your first account back.

Your story is very moving and I'm glad Mika music helped you all along :huglove:

And what a wonderful and sweet gesture of him to send you his CDs and DVDs you had lost in such sad circumstances :wub2:


Fingers crossed you can see him perform with your mum :crossed:

See you around MFC :wink2:


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Thank you for sharing your story, Saida! Nice to meet you and welcome back, I'm Sara :bye:

I really hope you and your mum will be able to see him together soon :wub2: for now, have a wonderful time in Barcelona! 


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Welcome back, Saida! If you want to keep your old account, just let us know - we can either reset your password, or we can merge your old and new account (with the name you want to keep), then you could keep all your content in one account.

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