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2022 - Mika @ Disneyland Paris Pride, 11 June - REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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The Mika’s concert at Disneyland Paris Pride was stunning. It was the best way to start this long summer together with him and his band. 😍 The audience was amazing. 🌈❤️ There was so much energy! We sang, danced, had fun and were very excited. He participated in our fan actions, playing with one of our yoyos and picking our colorful flowers. 💐 He wore a pair of wings made of colorful balloons that had a boy in the audience, saying he felt like an angel. 😇 Too much smoke came out of the piano and he disappeared for a few minutes in the fog. 😅 When he screwed up Happy Ending a cappella, he gave a middle finger to a guy who was complaining about the mistake. 🤣 In the afternoon we had attended the rehearsal, he had greeted us saying that we would see each other after and that we would have fun and... He was right! It was wonderful!! ❤️ I share some photos and videos:






















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9 hours ago, kath said:

It has to be said Deb that it was quite a combination! And one of the very few times that Mika spoke in English was when he was talking about meeting Mickey! 
im sure that when you get back to Disney it will seem like you have never been away! I was like that on Saturday- 2.5 years since I had last seen Mika but as soon as he was there on stage it just seemed so familiar that the years just rolled away! X


Thanks, Kath. And I'm so glad you got to go to DLP. Sorry we won't see you in London! :tears:

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5 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

And he was not bombarded by screaming fans?!

Not from what I saw! Did see lots of phones, but the crowd didn’t move too much!

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1 hour ago, Kumazzz said:






  1. Lollipop
  2. Origin of Love
  3. Big Girl
  4. Tiny Love
  5. Relax, Take It Easy
  6. Yo Yo
  7. Ice Cream
  8. Underwater
  9. Happy Ending
  10. Elle Me Dit
  11. Grace Kelly
  12. Love Today
  13. We Are Golden
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Been watching her Disneyland vlogs to prepare for the trip, and she was also there at Pride!


She actually walked past Mika as he made his insta story!! @35:31 in the video! Apparently he went into RC Racer :P

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12 hours ago, Maaikie... said:



Love your outfit! Is sewing onto tulle tricky? I got some recently to practice on but haven't got round to it yet 😅

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2 hours ago, TinyLove_CJ said:


Love your outfit! Is sewing onto tulle tricky? I got some recently to practice on but haven't got round to it yet 😅

Most of the time it went okay, I did make a few holes because the machine sucked up the tule tho.. But it was overall a bitch to sew 🥴🥴 The cotton was a heck of a lot better to sew! I had tested a lot of stitch sizes and I used the thinnest needle that I can get. The bottom thread was 1 colour green, and I changed the one on the top for different shades. 

edit; this goes for the decorative thread on the tule. As for the regular seams I made a french seam on the tule for some neat edges inside, which went pretty well. Cutting the tule was a nightmare tho. Just make sure you use a thin needle and test the settings on your machine. It should be fine :)

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I would like to thank all the people who took part in our project " Disneyland pride flowers". A big thank you also to Micky for his yoyos. All this contribued to make a beautiful meeting of Mikfans. The adventure goes on 🥰🥰🥰


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Vids by Céline Heendrickxen ( sorry, I forgot her MFC name )
Origin of Love
Tiny Love
Yo Yo
IG stories
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Coulisses 👀: les artistes avant leurs concerts sur la Scène des Fiertés 🌈

Behind the scenes 👀: the artists before their concerts on the Pride Stage 🌈

@mikainstagram @iambilalhassani @beckyhill










A screen shot


Mickey and Mika at the backstage.



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