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2022 - Mika @ Disneyland Paris Pride, 11 June - REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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Love those clips by @tiibet! :fangurl:

Love Today with Mika wrapped in streamers (I had been wondering how he got out if that again, it's so sweet how he shouts "I'M FREE!!!" and I feel it doesn't just apply to the streamers. :wub2:)



Yoyo, luckily this time without the 7m platform. 😅


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I really love all the footage that’s popping up on social media. It was extravagant, colourful, beautiful! He was full of energy, gratitude and PRIDE. That must’ve been a fantastic experience for all of those who were be able to attend. I can’t wait to hear the reports!! 

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Still writing my report, but I’d just like to say that we were in the exact same area when Mika posted his story about going into some rides😱 But I only saw it after we left and stood in line for Crush’s coaster again🥴 I freaked out about it and the people in front of me were curious and then freaked out too lmao

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On 6/12/2022 at 10:53 AM, holdingyourdrink said:

…but what I really want to know is: who sat next to a screaming Mika on the rollercoaster??? :biggrin2:

So yeah we mightve actually walked past him but I was so delirious and tired that I was not at all aware of my surroundings 😂 I was just twirling in my skirt and hopping about to get to crush’s coaster.

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34 minutes ago, Maaikie... said:

So yeah we mightve actually walked past him but I was so delirious and tired that I was not at all aware of my surroundings 😂 I was just twirling in my skirt and hopping about to get to crush’s coaster.

The best part of this is that I can clearly imagine you twirling around, minding your own business, no care in the world :hug:

And MIKA is there and you’re like “twirl twirl twirl” :biggrin2:

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I am still absolutely shattered and has been 2 days 🙈 I live in London but I decided to go back home to Lisbon on the Friday before the show and then head to Paris on Saturday morning! Also good to mention that I am too cheap to book an hotel for 3h only, so I decided to go back to the airport right after the show and head back to London at 9am the next day! Lesson learnt and I will never do that again! 

getting to the point now! 


Kinda decided not to run to the barricade because it was my first time at Disneyland and I am going to watch him in London anyways… also getting too old for all that drama! 

met an amazing girl which had a Mika shirt on and we had a blast going on the rides and enjoying the show together! 

we were quite far away from the front but it was still amazing! Sometimes it more about enjoying the moment rather than be up close! 

it was a great night! Bring on London! 

lots of love 💕 



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My report!!


Boy what a weekend this was! Or really, just a very very long day. 

We drove to Disney on Fridaymorning to our airbnb in Val D’Europe. We had a spot that had a pool so we decided to go for a swim after driving there. After that we walked to Disney Village to go through all the shops to orientate on the items that were sold. After that we had dinner at King Ludwig’s Castle. It was like DuLock in there, from shrek😂 Quite the mix of midieval styles, very fun and just overwhelming lol. Had onion soup for starters and a pig knuckle for mains, which was quite tricky to eat. And since it was happy hour we went with an alcoholfree passion fruit mojito. That was really nice 👌

We then went back to the shops to finish seeing a few of them. There was an arcade so we decided to take a look and my sister and I played a game of air hockey and dance revolution! Never played dance revolution so that was very fun but exhausting omg. Won both tho 😎


After that we decided to take a look at the entrance of the main park to see what we could expect. The studios were closed at this point so we didn’t see much happening there. We took photos at the entrance and decided to just walk to the entrance to see how far we could get without looking sus 😆We then turnt around lol. As we walked home we could see the tower of Terror and they were projecting a bunch of colours onto the building, I’ll have to check my photos to see whether that was pride related or not, having seen the live thing, but at that moment we were sure it was.


We had a good night’s sleep at the airbnb, got up around 7:30am to get ready for a long day of walking and having fun. I had a bunch of rainbow colours on my eyes and I wore my Mika skirt with crocheted flowers. My mother made the flowers and I made the skirt 👌 

We got breakfast at a local artisan bakery (butter croissant, pain au chocolat, brioche slice with custard) and we walked to the park. Holy crap amazing breakfast btw. If you’re ever near, go there!! Fantastic bakery. And I’ve had a ton of croissants in my life at this point. So perfectly flaky and buttery. Anyways, sorry for making your mouth water.


We kept walking to the park and we got in the big ass queue to get in the main park. I expected it to be busy, since it’s one of the more busy periods. However, we were able to get a lot of rides done that we had on our wishlist👌 We got in the park at exactly 9:30am. First ride of the day was the Hyperspace Mountain, and it was my first time seeing the Star Wars version of the ride and it was hella fun. My other personal favourite is the Pirates of the Caribbean, so we’ve been on it twice. We also saw the 30th anniversary parade in front of the castle which was incredibly fun. Such a fun party 💃 Love the songs they have at the parades. Goofy was having the time of his life, grooving to the music, was a blast to watch. We cheered for Peter Pan and he blew us a pixiedust kiss ❤️ 

We’ve done rides like Buzz, Phantom Manor, Indiana Jones, and Star Tours twice because the first time it malfunctioned, so we got a premier access ticket for another ride. 

One of our highlights was meeting Darth Vader 😎 It was like being called over by the scary teacher because we did something wrong 👀 And my sister was wearing a Star Wars shirt with mostly rebels on it, so the guards at the meet&greet said in a very sarcastic tone ‘Nice shirt’ 😂 We took a bunch of pictures and the guard took pictures with my camera so that was really nice. 

We had dinner at Captain Jack’s, which was very exciting. The Pirates of the Caribbean is my favourite franchise of all times and Johnny Depp is my favourite actor. ❤️ The food was really good (I had beef stew with tamarind sauce, veggies and sweet potato mash, and a chocolate tarte for dessert). At that point we were getting closer to making the switch to the other park, so we quickly walked through Alice’s maze, did a little shoot at the castle and walked through the shops at mainstreet. We then raced towards the studios for Disney Pride. 


I think we got there around 19:15 ish? We did go into the shops first because I wanted to buy some ears, but I gave up om it because the queue for the registers was super long and it took forever. We then went outside to go see the Pride Parade. Boy that was a party! I loved the fact that they were playing disco songs to get people to dance and sing. The overall mood was very good. The sound however, terrible. My poor ears. The bass was too much there, and at one point two songs were being played at the same time. So that was rough.

There were big screens that showed the audience, and that’s when I spotted other Mika fans (at least, people wearing his shirts, I didnt recognise any of them sadly). I had hoped to have a ‘Spot the Mika fan and say hi and be both excited’ moment at least once, but that never happened, even if I was like ‘Oh hey, you have the new shirt! Or totebag!’. I guess not everyone recognizes the flowers Mika has been wearing on his beautiful white suit. 


The parade was hella fun, lots and lots of characters you wouldn’t normally see at the main park. My favourite was Pleakley from Lilo & Stitch. Loved her! Oh and Edna! Oh and we got super excited about Linguine as well❤️❤️

Sadly Mika didn’t show up in a parade car like the guests did in the previous Pride Celebration. But the plus side was that we got a lot of characters instead. All of the LGBTIQ+ people that danced along in the parade were really fun to watch as well. They were having such a good time! We loved cheering for them.


Once the parade finished we made a b-linw to Crush’s Coaster. The best ride in the Studios. The queue was about 40 minutes I think? It’s usually 150 minutes, so not bad at all! 

I sat backwards, and my friend and sister sat in the front. I don’t recall screaming THIS much in any rollercoaster 😂 I forgot how damn deep this thing goes. What a blast really. 

Once we got out we went into the Ratatouille ride, very short queue which was nice. Loved this ride in previous visits, and loved it this time 👌 After this we went to the Hollywood tower of Terror. It was a bit of a risk, because the time was ticking and Mika was performing at 23:30. And I think it was 22:50 at the point of getting into the queue for the tower. I always forget how much I enjoy that freefall so I got really nervous, but left laughing like a maniac wanting to go again. BUT! The time was here, Mika!!

Now, I didn’t have the best of spots, but I wasn’t gonna pay 90€ to just wait for a short performance whilst all those rides are there waiting for me. That is a waste to me. So we shuffled our way into the crowd and got a pretty good view of the stage. I had brought a lightstick to wave arounf with it. It has all the colours of the rainbow. There were people in front of me who had lost their friend so I helped them with the lightstick 😆 This made us friendly neighbour audiences so that was nice. Always good to kinda befriend those around you in a crowd. I think their friend made it at some point? I didn’t really notice becauuuuuuuse, Mika was announced! 


The show started with a bunch of Mika’s songs soundbits. So bits of ‘I wanna talk to you’, ‘Hey! Whats the big idea?’ And whatnot.. Really fun, as it helped to hype the crowd significantly. He started with the slow jazzy version of Lollipop in his beautiful bright pink suit. Once the fun beat started the crowd was all in. 

I’m not quite sure what the exact tracklist was but I’ll try to recall the songs at least;

So, Lollipop, Origin of Love, Happy Ending, Relax, We are Golden, Yo Yo, Elle me Dit, Grace Kelly, Love Today, Tiny Love, Big Girls, Underwater (my sister just reminded me) 12 songs from what I can remember, that’s a nice number!!

So I believe Origin of Love was second or it was Tiny Love. I think Tiny Love? He explained a bit what it was about, which the crowd really loved. This is also when he got the balloon wings that someone had brought. Fun fact, we were standing next to them during the Pride Parade and were wondering why the hell you’d wear it to a themepark lol. We now know. 

Lot’s of phones were up in the sky during the performances, except for when he sang newer songs, such as Tiny Love. You could tell it sparked more interest when it was an older. But it was nice because I got to see more. 


One of my favourite moments was when my best friend had this text thing on her phone, where you could write any text and it would show up on the screen. She did a few things, but at one point I wrote ‘Come to Holland please’ and I held it up, and he saw it and nodded and pointed at me 😍

That’s a promise Mika!! My friend also had something along the lines of ‘big love for you’ which he saw as well and he responded to it too, which was adorable ❤️

Another favourite moment was when he talked about his piano… his.. MAGIC piano 👀👀👀👀

He stood on top, and out of no where the thing started to smoke and Mika disappeared in a big smoke cloud 😂 He then started talking about the piano, asking it questions. So no was no smoke, yes was smoke. So he’d ask stuff like ‘is this a good audience?’ Smooooke! ‘do I have to stop and not sing another song?’ No smoke. ‘Do I sing another one?’ Lotta smoke! 😆 I think thats when he started Elle Me Dit. I don’t think Elle me Dit was planned because he completely forgot the lyrics lolol. But the crowd went wild for the song which was awesome. Reminded me that I was in France and people actually know the song there. 


Also loved it when someone threw the yo yo on stage and he started dancing with it, also loved seeing Yo Yo live, love dancing to it 👌 I can also imagine the folks at the front were terrified to get it in their face 😆


Ohh and the cape catching all the confetti strings 😂 That was not planned lolol. I wore a bunch of it as a necklace after the gig, that stuff gets stuck so easily hot damn.


Love Today was incredibly fun. And since I was further towards the back I had more space to actually properly jump after Mika slows the song down. That was just awesome. I always start to fall backwards when I’m front row so this was nice for a change. 


Ooft and Happy Ending.. I think most of us know he had a slip up when he did a quick acapella of the song.. 😅 Thankfully the crowd seriously loved him so they could forgive him and not be so serious and judgy as some crowds can be that dont know him. 🙏 Scared me a bit heh. But I do love the fact that I could hear him from where I stood. 


Also loved the flowers that were thrown during Underwater, Mika loved it too, clearly ❤️ Well done 👏And the flower crown looked adorable as ever.


Mika ended the show at the front of the stage after the final Katching and the band joined him to take a bow. After that we scedaddled back to the park. We had a pride snack (pistache shorbread) and a quick photomoment at the Toon Studio thanks to other Dutch guests, super kind folks. And then we hopped into the Toy Soldier’s Parachutes to cool down (although we were starting to get a little cold as the adrelaline left our systems lol). At this point we got a bit delirious because of a lack of sleep and I seriously loved sitting in that ride. We’ve been wanting to go on it since 2013 but always failed because of the endless queues. Now I know why it takes forever to get on, because the ride takes long and only a small group can sit in it at a time.


So this is where things happened while we weren’t aware of them. We started hopping back to Crush’s Coaster, I was twirling and dancing my way over there, trying to slalom my way around people as we went. Then, halfway into the queue, after taking some photos while we waited and whilst updating my insta story, I saw Mikas story!! And he had posted, a half hour ago, that he was in Toyland!! Which is where we literally just came from! So we either walked past him, or he was inside a ride at the moment of leaving! 🤯 

The guy in front of us asked if he wanted us to take a picture of us since I just made a bunch of selfies, but I was just freaking out about Mika, so I explained what I was freaking out about and then they freaked out too😂😂

Anyway, final ride of the day, again in the backwards seat of Crush’s Coaster, scaring the crap out of me 👌👌 Loved it.

At that point it was 2am and we were guided out of the park. I didn’t walk tho. I twirled and danced my way out, waving at the cast members who clearly enjoyed working a night like this. They definitely add to the good experience we’ve had. Super fun. And we then dragged our feet back to the airbnb to finally sleep. Well shower and then sleep because boy was it hot out that day. 


The day after we walked back to Disney Village to do some actual shopping and we also went for a drink at Starbucks. Before that we had our breakfast with goodies from the artisan bakery😋😋


So in the end I bought the 30th anniversary tea caddy, the 90s retro Mickey jumper with the old EuroDisney logo on it, a Jack and the Beanstalk Mickey mug and I also had an Indiana Jones tshirt that I bought in the park. 

All in all a crazy fun weekend. 10/10 would recommend, even if you get back home, feeling like a zombie. 

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Wow Maaikie

what a report! Sounds like you had a fantastic day! We too didn’t really see any other Mika fans- we saw a few T-shirts. 
but it was an amazing day. Brilliant atmosphere and a truly great gig x 

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A couple pics from my phone from the evening, including the pride snacks  and the parade  





we got blue wristbands in case we wanted to go back to the main park in between (main closes at 10pm, Pride started at 8pm)

i have more of the Tower of Terror building and of Mika on my camera but I haven’t seen any of the photos yet lol.



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Sigh. Thank you all for your reports/pics/videos. As much as I'm missing Mika, I have to say I'm missing Disney even more. It's been 2-1/2 years since I was at Disney World -- for someone who used to go 3-4 times a year, that's really something. Withdrawal. :eek:

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4 hours ago, dcdeb said:

Sigh. Thank you all for your reports/pics/videos. As much as I'm missing Mika, I have to say I'm missing Disney even more. It's been 2-1/2 years since I was at Disney World -- for someone who used to go 3-4 times a year, that's really something. Withdrawal. :eek:

It has to be said Deb that it was quite a combination! And one of the very few times that Mika spoke in English was when he was talking about meeting Mickey! 
im sure that when you get back to Disney it will seem like you have never been away! I was like that on Saturday- 2.5 years since I had last seen Mika but as soon as he was there on stage it just seemed so familiar that the years just rolled away! X

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