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Mika Live Webcast From Koko - 2007


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Sorry if this has been posted but this is from mikasounds. I'm away for it boo, any chance of anyone recording it?


Mika Live Webcast!


Hello again, This week Mika’s out in Austin, Texas illuminating South by South West. The nearest I’ll get to SxSW this year is Wimbledon but I can console myself with the knowledge that there will be a special live webcast of Mika’s Koko gig on Wednesday 4th April. The webcast will be exclusive to MSN music and the link is: http://msnpresents.msn.com/hub/?mkt=en-gb There will be a specific Mika page for the event built nearer the time so keep checking the link for further updates. Put it in the calendar now! Love Mikasounds

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Erm, UK 7pm? So does that mean it's 7pm GMT? Because I'd just have to add 3 hours to find out what time it's aired in Kuwait. *sigh* I was never very good with numbers :sad:

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