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can i join in? (i swear i love mika)


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hi everyone! this is the first time i join a forum...:bleh: but this is great, a bunch of people crazy about mika!!! when i first heard him? well at the beggining of this year i was going to school in my dad's car and listening to our favourite station and they put grace kelly, i thought he was a singer of the oldies because that station is but i just couldn't stop thinking about that great song all day!!!!


months later i saw him in vh1 and i was like "it's him it's him!" and... "wow he is very cute...":bleh:


so i become a total fan of him bye!

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:roftl: Actually...that would be pretty odd if one of us would say "No! Under no circumstances can YOU join us...and go love Mika by yourself...":roftl: :roftl:






Lol...sorry, just kidding, I'm stupid :biggrin2:


and i would be veeeery stupid since I prayed her to join us :)



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