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  1. Loo

    Mika in white shirts

    I still don't have a crush on teenagers, but I do recognize the boy's wild beauty! With blue lenses, he would be a real gorgeous! The groupies wouldn't stop trying to grope him by yelling his name!
  2. Loo

    Mika in white shirts

    So sweety!
  3. It becomes mandatory, otherwise we get our images hacked if we leave it small.
  4. Watermarks are copyright protection. It is better to keep them or ask the owner to extend his rights.
  5. Loo

    Not everything needs a thread

    Wow! A musical gifted boy!
  6. Loo

    Not everything needs a thread

    No. Just "publicity" for the Catholic Church!
  7. Loo

    Not everything needs a thread

    I don't see the message! What shocked her?
  8. Loo

    MIKA Memes

    You get kissed on your math test?
  9. He's not having a hyperactivity crisis right now! In the middle of nowhere, in a magnificent castle can mean, historical visits, naps and gastronomic meals!
  10. He looks in good shape, it's a pleasure! I found where: https://www.ntd.tv/2016/11/17/18-coolest-homes-middle-nowhere/
  11. A symphony concert in a small church in Italy in anticipation?