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  1. First I was thinking that it's like with the other lead singles since TBWKTM, not my cup of tea, but I have been listening to it several times this morning and I like it more ad more. Anyway, I am not worried because I have always loved at least the half of the songs on the albums. I am not sure they are really trying to promote it correctly outside Italy though. These are the iTunes charts from this morning: It's My House iTunes: #6 Italy (+25) #19 Luxembourg (NE) #32 France (+118) #57 Belgium (+113) #64 Switzerland (NE) #78 Netherlands (NE) #172 Germany (NE) #178 Austria (+ 8) #183 Spain
  2. Yes, indeed. Finally something interesting coming music wise. Should we open a thread for the 5th album?
  3. Huh, I found another site (FirstOneTV) and it works perfectly. I just missed 20 minutes. A really great show!
  4. Help! I cannot take off the publicity in the middle of the screen: there isn't any "close" button to click on. I can only hear but not watch it. Somebod could help me?
  5. I think this time his voice was tired and you can hear it especially at the end of Rocket Man. Too much falsetto with a tired voice in a cover isn't a good combination in my opionion. He should be more aware of this because people who don't know him as well as we do might think he always sounds like that. He should be able to say no if his voice isn't in a good condition.
  6. In my opinion his voice was quite tired when he recorded these covers ( compared to first show's covers) that's why at the end of Rocket Man it is even close to James Blunt's voice (don't kill me ). I prefer that Joni Mitchell cover with some really beautiful lower notes.
  7. Thank you Alba. What does he say about his next album, that it will be more dance or electronic music?
  8. Great! Thanks to the sales in Italie, NPIH is doing better than TOOL.
  9. Yes, absolutely magical accompagnied only by guitar and piano. I have already watched it three times...
  10. Thank you Eriko! It doesn't work on my Spotify and isn't available on French iTunes yet. I love Mika's deep voice in the beginning and this Karen can definitly sing.
  11. Does that mean that there will finally be a video for Stardust, but with Karen Mok instead of Chiara? I have often thought that there should have been a real video for this song. It was incredibly popular in Italy with more than 200 000 copies sold (4 x platinum).
  12. Mika's cover of "She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes" is on the BBC Radio 2 sounds of the 80's album: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BBC-Radio-Sounds-80s-Vol/dp/B01DV2HT98/ref=pd_bxgy_15_2/277-8187237-1708235?ie=UTF8&refRID=37QFKY1SH9MRTMTVMEF3#customerReviews There seems to be some very good covers, I might download it from iTunes...
  13. Yes, I remember how it was before TBHKTM. We hardly got any news about him for months. Howewer I'm glad he won't do XFactor this year because he seems to be preparing something intresting with African musicians and he also told that in Korea he had worked with a K-Pop artist. Nothing makes me more happy than new music from him.
  14. It will be out tomorrow.
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