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  1. Welcome to MFC you're in the right place! if you need to know anything just ask Did you get a chance to see him live?
  2. thank you for replying. however that's not the part i needed help understanding what i need clarified are the bold parts. Like what problem was there? Yellow vests huh? Parenthesis as in (these punctuation things)?
  3. ooooh so big & pretty! can someone post the track list please? I checked several sites & can't find any that actually say which songs are on which side of the record. Thanks
  4. Hi, can someone please explain this bit? Google translated it as: At the end of September, Paris Match published a long interview with the singer Mika made by… Marc-Olivier Fogiel. "A mix of genres that surprised us," says a senior editor of BFMTV. And which is accentuated when he accompanies Mika at 20 hours of TF1 for the promotion of his new album, Instagram photo in support. "There, it has become a problem," added the same source. The subject is therefore put on the table at the editorial committee, this body created when the crisis of yellow vests had shaken the editorial staff of the news channel. "I replied that this interview with Mika was a parenthesis," repeats Marc-Olivier Fogiel. He’s my best friend, I consider his family to be mine and I asked for permission before accepting the Paris Match proposal. I would have understood that someone told me no." Was there some kind of controversy or something? Thank you!
  5. I think it’s possible, especially in a country where he maybe isn’t as well known. There’s really no way to know for certain tho, it just depends on how he feels after the gig and if he needs to go soon I guess. btw Welcome back to MFC! I thought of you as soon as he announced this tour date & I’m glad to see you found out about it
  6. this conversation reminded me of this video interview when he talked about a similar dilemma back in 2010. i haven't watched it in years so thanks! 😍
  7. Hi Ash! Welcome to the MFC. I’m Dee from Nebraska. So happy you joined us, we’re a nice, helpful bunch Mika said he’s planning to come back to the USA in 2020 and wants to do more cities, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see him live
  8. I’ve had good luck using newsstand.co.uk for some recent Mika mags but they don’t seem to have TÊTU Thank you for for the translation @crazyaboutmika What an open & interesting interview .......The pics aren’t bad either
  9. I have it on DVD. I was about to warn you it might be a region-related availability thing but I see you have that sorted
  10. Thanks for trying! hopefully they’ll get some more in stock. I already have several Mika bags I barely use and t-shirts are easier to get so no thank you.
  11. Thank you! That'd be awesome if you could try. I'll pay whatever price for them. Not complicated to transport is what i thought too.... not that that means not expensive to ship xD I'd like a mug too (and everything else ofc) but i figured that'd be too heavy and risky to send.
  12. OH! ok that makes much more sense, thank you! i was thinking maybe the kpop thing BTS had covered Sanremo or something... thinking and kinda hoping, not because i'm into to them but even i know they're hugely popular and it'd be exposure for Mika But yeah, in that case why not release it everywhere at once? He's gotta know that the "parts of Europe" people are just gonna put it on instagram or something for us right away
  13. Sorry, I can't help you as I'm in the USA and in the same boat Good luck on your quest! In fact, if anyone going to an upcoming gig can get me that badge set I'd gladly pay whatever they cost + shipping costs to the USA I never got the badge set from the NPIH shows and I'm still salty about it
  14. oh one of those exercise book things! i've only seen these a couple times. they were for the tour i think, and i think each one was different. Such an amazing find! thanks for sharing the pics
  15. I'd love for him to do the NPIH songs he's never done live like Rio & All She Wants & Oh Girl You're the Devil but i don't think that's very realistic. However, i don't see why he hasn't at least slipped Good Guys in there. Maybe in Italy?
  16. Good haul! "when it comes to Mika merch I have no self control" is my motto "Signed Mika notebook which Mika has doodled on with personal stickers too!" <this sounds really cool, can you take a pic please? Hopefully you'll be able to find the Swatches on Ebay, i've seen them pop up from time to time. Oh btw, i dunno about your tour merch question. frankly, i'd be surprised if they ever put it up
  17. oooh those Imaginarium Tour Programs are kinda rare, aren't they? I only have one because I won it in an MFC contest. What else did your £300 get you? Definitely my Mumu swatch, it was $110. Next would be the 4 pilot pen box sets they were like $85 including shipping from the Netherlands, the Kukulakuku swatch for $70, and my new not pictured Mika hoodie for like $65. After that, i dunno. I got lucky with Songs For Sorrow & only paid like $30 for that, i know they sometimes go for much higher. looking at my Mika collection one might think i'm a little bit rich but as you can tell from my board & crates shelve i most definitely am not
  18. I realized my photobucket pics are gone, plus I just moved to a new apartment and reorganized my pretty little Mikathings, so I took some fresh photos. I wanna take the opportunity to say thanks to the MFC mods for several of these things, which i won over the years in our anniversary competitions, and thanks to several other MFCers for gifts like the Compiègne flyer, Topolino mag, all my confetti, Mika necklaces, and more no more window above the shelf so i could put my posters up again! lower shelf, right side is his design projects and the middle is photos in frames including some i'm in too. Mika necklaces, magnetic board, CDs & DVDs, etc in the cup are Mika stickers i made, MFC stickers, and Mika bookmarks... my shelf of beautiful freaks & other Mika-inspired crap i've made what was hiding in the boxes...... badges, flash drives, and really old Mikaish candy from Dylan's Candy Bar xD The flash drives are my newest project & i plan to make them a cute container. i couldn't think of another way to include all my intangible Mikamemories (like the audio of my Mikahug ) on a shelf in the magazine holder is random receipts for Mikathings, a brown paper thing a bunch of mfcers signed at the mfc meetup dinner in MTL 2015, some drawings done for me by Mikafriends, more confetti pieces, printed pics i used for Mikrafts, etc things i forgot to add: several Mika t-shirts, three Mika tote bags (one signed), a couple Mika hoodies, a signed TOOL poster, and a Swatch postcard thing WHICH I CAN'T FIND cuz i put it somewhere safe to move it but can't remember where. it's still not enough Mika stuff. i'm jealous i'm jealous of everything.... but that doesn't stop me from wanting to see all your Mikastuff too!
  19. Hello from Nebraska Welcome to the MFC! You joined at an exciting time, lots going on in Mikaland
  20. hello & welcome "think 'Crazy Cat Lady' but instead of cats it's a Mika obsession" is a good way to put it i think i might have to use that when people ask me about Mika there's this thread...
  21. No problem! I listened to this interview A LOT when i became a new fan so i know it well xD
  22. It was Jo Whiley's house. Someone had placed a photo of Scott Mills in her bedroom. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012ycfs/p013j3bh
  23. this seems to be fake news i couldn't find any other mention of Mika featuring on this track so i listened to it on spotify and heard no Mika
  24. yaaaaaay he has the yearbook! what a gorgeous gift! interesting song choice since Blue is legit the only new song that doesn't have any piano or keyboards on it
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