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  1. ottimistaaccidentale

    La Fête De La Musique - NICE (France) 21 of June 2019 on France 2

    is there any way to partecipate?
  2. ottimistaaccidentale

    Tour rumours 2019

    I've just found this thing on Instagram...😱 what do you think?
  3. ottimistaaccidentale

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Thank you so much!🙏❤
  4. ottimistaaccidentale

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Sorry, but I can’t open the link
  5. Auguriiii Buon compleanno anche se in ritardo di un giornoo :yay:

  6. ottimistaaccidentale

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad that I've found this thread today! I've just turned 16 and I want to get a tattoo as soon as possible (you know, that's how my teenage brain works 😂) and I'm trying to get some inspiration to design a personal tattoo, in particular a tattoo that reminds Mika's world. I've already made a draw with some TBWKTM items but I'm still not satisfied. I don't have a copy of Songs for Sorrow but I've seen some images online and I thought that it can be useful for my work. Is possible to have a digital copy/photos of the pages to download? I've searched in old mfc threads but I didn't find anything
  7. Tanti auguri



    1. sara09


      Auguri, buon compleanno! ^_^

    2. ottimistaaccidentale


      Thank you!❤😊

  8. ottimistaaccidentale

    MFCers' id and names(or the way they want to be called)

    Can you add me please?😊 I'm Virginia from Italy
  9. Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno :flowers2:

  10. ottimistaaccidentale

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Hello everyone! Today I was walking in my town and I found the pens in a little stationery yeah, I think that Mika's Pilot finally came to Italy!
  11. ottimistaaccidentale

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Is this only for French fans?
  12. ottimistaaccidentale

    What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I read some replies from this thread and I want to explain my point of view. Maybe I'll repeat the same things a others, maybe I'll do grammatic mistakes so please forgive me. In my opinion, the website works quite good (except for the searching bar) but lot of people asked me help for the registration because they didn't understand what they had to do. An app will be really useful, but I don't know if it's possible to project. I think translating the whole website is unecessary (I mean, it will be really complicated! We came from all around the world!), but the translation of the Sign Up page will be useful for newbies. For the graphic, I don't know the tecnical instructions, but it will be great if we collaborate for introducing a new design, following the restriction given from Mika's staff. I think that the aesthetic is important, especially for the home page. For the visibility of the fanclub, I have some ideas. I thought about social media, probably the best way to communicate with other people. I think that the post on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram have to be more organized and more recognisable. I quickly made these logos (of course these are examples, if you'll like the idea I'll made better ones) for showing you better my idea. If the MFC get some tickets for seeing Mika, the administrator of MFC's Instagram account can post a photo with the logo on the corner and write: "We have some tickets for Mika's gig! Sign In and try to win them!" And then repost on the other social (like Mika does on Twitter with his Instagram posts) I think this could be done with anniversary competition, updates, Fanart Friday, MFC subtitling team videos, excetera. If you want help with the editing of photos, I will take you a hand gladly. I have a Mika's Instagram fanpage and I love spending my free time drawing on Mika's photos, and I see that most of people appreciate it, and I'm really happy for that. Changing the subject, MFC merchandise will also help for the same target. I bought a badge on Zazzle and I love to put it on my backpack during concerts or events. I think that you could extend the offer of products (always on Zazzle, or on a different website), for example creating design for mugs, T-shirts...I can also help with that type of graphic if you want. I think that's all, thanks for the attention
  13. ottimistaaccidentale

    MIKA at Sanremo Music Festival, Italy - 9th February 2017

    I live near Sanremo and I always go here during the Festival...This year I am very lucky! And I also have some friends that can give me some pass I can't believe he will go near my house!