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  1. Tanti auguri :yay:


    Rainbow Ice Cream - Julie's Eats & Treats ®

    1. ottimistaaccidentale


      Grazie,thank you!! :mikalove:

    2. Paoletta


      Buon Compleannoo!!!! Happy Birthday Party GIF by LIDL Romania  tanti cari auguri ti auguro di trascorrere un fantastico compleannooo


    3. ottimistaaccidentale


      Grazie di nuovo come sei gentile!!💖

  2. I did this thing some days ago because I was bored. I love tattoos and I really want one as soon as possible Hope you find some inspiration! I also do drawings commissions from 10€ so if you need something more specific you can contact me
  3. Hello everyone I just discovered this thread! I made a lot of Mika fanarts in the past years...I think that the best way to show you a part of my work without making a very long post is to link here my art blog 👇 https://www.google.com/amp/s/ottimistaaccidentaleart.tumblr.com
  4. Does anyone know where is the performance on the Nutella Stage uploaded?
  5. I made my own template for a phisical CD,you can use it if you want 😄
  6. Finally Mika comes near me! Can't wait to see him in my beloved Sanremo 😄❤
  7. Hello! I've been wondering if someone has the transcript of the whole Revelation concert (like the meaning of every color) in English or also in Italian Thank you!
  8. Yesterday was my fourth Mika's concert Somehow last night, I managed to vet very close to the stage I hadn't seen him live for more than two years and many things, as we know, changed. The show itself has got a total change. First of all, I noticed that we no longer start from any hell or paradise, but from an origin and, as the song says, the origin of everything is love. There is no time for nostalgia: there's one song after another, one color after another, one dance after another. There is no time for tears: for the first time I haven't cryed. The pain is there, but it is
  9. Non esiste più Mika Fan Action Italia,o almeno così mi hanno detto
  10. Ciao a tutti! Per Torino pensavamo di fare una fan action con dello scotch rosso da mettere sulle torce dei telefoni durante Tiny Love io ho già comprato qualche rotolo, ma mi servirebbe una mano!
  11. Ciao a tutti! Per questo concerto pensavamo di organizzare questa fan action: si tratta di sollevare un cuore di cartoncino colorato durante Tiny love e Origin of love . Qui sotto troverete le divisione dei colori in base ai settori, per i posti in piedi i colori saranno mischiati. Grazie a tutti quelli che parteciperanno! Rosso: B8, C8, B18, C18, B2, C2, B24, C24 Arancione: B7, C7, B19, C19, B25, C25, B26, C26 Giallo: A6, B6, C6, A20, B20, C20, B27, C27, A28, B28, C28 Verde: A5, B5, C5, A21, B21, C21, A29, B29, C29 Blu: A4, B4, C4, A22, B22, C22, A3
  12. Sorry do you know anything about the LP release date? It's different on every website
  13. I completely agree. I was expecting something different
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