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  1. Good new week!! my friends 

  2. Mika n°1 I had the opportunity to see him at a concert in 2019 it was wonderful and I will carry it forever in my heart.. on stage he is wonderful!!!
  3. @Anna Ko Kolkowska so Mika and Emma are just friends.. it's a joke they work toghether.. they were joking they are a working "couple"
  4. tomorrow afternoon the judges will be on rtl102.5 at 4pm
  5. to remove any doubts about the photo of Emma and Mika, watch the video and you will understand that it is only a pose desired by the journalists that lasted only a second and then each on his own business even if I had thought that they were shots of a few seconds .. but now I have the confirmation I have seen the video everything is clear to me ..
  6. @Anna Ko Kolkowska yes ... only for a second.. i saw the video..
  7. okay I'll put up with this edition too but what a beard Mika is getting heavy too .. be he is adapting to these poor fools uff..i prefer Mika when he play on the piano and sing.. not now
  8. . I can't take it anymore I know it's all a putting on the mark but that's enough ..now i understand they just storke the pose for a second for press conference
  9. hello my friends.. have a nice week.. this week start xfactor and also there a concert of Mika in Paris 


  10. @GRAZIA ARTUSOche meraviglia.. poi postate ragazze.. sarò li con voi con il cuore e la mente... io vi penserò dall'italia ...
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