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What do YOU do when you don't get your dose of Mika/MFC is down?


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What do you guys do in the time its down or you don't get the Mikagasm at pics :naughty: I know I get angry and tear my house up if I don't get my Mika dose. And when the site is down... I refresh like mad at the page and set his songs on repeat :wub2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

I MSN the other mods and swear a lot. :naughty:


Then wait for Mika to send us a message on MySpace. :fisch:

xD I'm on MSN all the time. But I never see any of you guys in the chat room. ;m;

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When the MFC is down what do I do? Well I get the shakes and have to sit in a corner and rock back and forth in the fetal position until the site is back up.


Just kidding.


In reality, I go in that MFC Chat Room thing.


Or browse the internet or go on msn. I also watch TV, make friendship bracelts, read...normal stuff.

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