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your questions for LUKE JUBY

Francis Rodino

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Ok guys and girls,


You have until 17:30 London time TODAY to respond here with questions for legendary Mika keyboard player Luke Juby - who is now MY legendary keyboard player.


I'm going be to asking him YOUR questions TONIGHT, ON VIDEO and we're going post the best ones up on youtube.


Just reply to this thread - the video will be posted in the next couple of days!


EXCLUSIVE MFC content - just for you!!!!!








some examples:


Why is Francis your favourite artist?

What colour is your underwear

Why was "Circles & Squares" the best album you've ever worked on?

How does Francis deal with all his groupies?


:-) :-) :-)

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Why did he abandon us? :tears: The next tour just isn't going to be the same without him!~ ♥


----- and is there ANY possibility that he could work with MIKA again in the near or distant future? Or have you stolen him forever more?

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OK here are a few more as there are not many to ask him so far...


What is your Favourite colour?


Do you prefer Boxers or pants?


What is your Birthdate?


Prefer Coffee or tea?


prefer Blondes or brunettes?


prefer Sun or snow?


Fav. ever song?


there you go some more for you Francis! Hope you have fun!

x x x

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Here is my questions to Luke.... i asked him 10000 times on his myspace, but... sigh.. no answer :bleh:


- when are you going to put out a cd of your songs with you singing??? i would buy it in a minute!:wub2:


- who babysits your dogs when you are touring?


- how do you like being kidnapped by francis? is he treating you well? :wink2:

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Ciao Luuukeee :boing:




What is your idea of a fun day?


What makes you feel the most alive?


What replenishes your mind, body, and spirit?


What makes your heart smile in tough times?



Do you have a hobby that's important to you?


What makes you most secure?/ How do you handle your insecurities?


What makes you most joyful/really angry? What do you do when you are joyful/angry?


Do you consider yourself an easygoing person, or are you most comfortable with a firm plan of action?



thx Fran :kaf:



edit: mwahah i was joking, who cares bout personal stuff :meow:

tell us everything bout your prolly brilliant musical career would you be so kind..?

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Hi Luke :mf_rosetinted:


When will we be able to hear you play your own songs live? :mf_rosetinted:


What's your favourite fruit? :blink:


What have you actually bought in Denmark since you find it's so expensive here?


Do you have any wild party stories you would like to share? :fisch:

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Random Question:

Is Francis STILL piggybacking on MFC??:wink2:


Even *I* can answer that one! :naughty:


Oh my... :shocked: I guess I'm too late!


Since it's after the appointed time, I'm going to close this thread --

and you can find the answers on Luke's or Francis's myspace,

when he posts the video in the next few days. :thumb_yello:

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