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Thanks for posting this Neeve!

And thanx Freddie! Hope they will enlighten us! :wink:


I think it could be true, I mean, there's the pic of him and his biography , have they made a mistake? is it possible? :blink:


Possible in the sense of posting the wrong picture for "Mika" yes .. but if I saw that on face value it looks right .. also the timing is perfect


Weve been caught out before with this

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I dont gettit either!


But I just found my schedule and found out I have a festival during those days:thumbdown: starting the 28th untill 1st of june...so if this was true...then I really had to make a choice which in this case would be hard!

Bruce Springsteen is coming and also Depeche Mode...

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Smells very much like it wasnt supposed to be there




I was thinking the same!


Just found out I put the dates incorrectly in my diary, so the 28th I CAN GO!But the day after I need to be at the festival:roftl:

Going to be some wild days!!!:thumb_yello:

I'm putting Mika in my schedule!

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