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Hi! I'm a new member.


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Hi, everyone.

I'm vinorosso.

I'm so excited to join you! I love Mika too much , so I couldn't resist to be a member of MFC. Honestly it took time to find this thread. I posted yesterday without doing introduction. I'm sorry. But some kind members told me here. Thank you:wink2:


Well, I want to talk how I found lovely Mika:blush-anim-cl:

Suddenly I got the amazing song ,'Relax, take it easy' on MTV about 2years ago. SOOOON I ordered LICM at amazon. But these days, I just had enjoyed his music, especially 'Relax'.


Then few months later, when I watched 'video music award' on TV, finaly I found the adorable and cool guy , Mika. I was completely knocked down and was melted by him, MOVING Mika:mf_lustslow:SOOOON I orded live DVD , Live in cartoon mortion at amozon again.


I still have enjoyed the DVD and PDP as well. I almost remember Mika's talking and gestures!

May I join you? Hope enjoy MFC. Thank you for reading it:wink2::wink2:


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He does kind of make you melt doesn't he?:wub2:


Hey there again Vinorosso. Glad you found the Introductions forum. And here I will do my "official" welcome:wink2:




WELCOME TO THE MFC!!:welcomeani: Hope you have a lot of fun here, like the rest of us. Be warned though, it can be very addictive:naughty: If you have any questions, you only need to ask. See you round the forum:bye:

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Thank you , mari62, celien, Savage Beauty, mikalollipop karla and chikadee !!

I'm so happy to get many messages from you all .

It's gonna be addictive ......well I have to leave for my job. See you soon !!!

Thank you everyone .

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