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my introduction to MFC :)


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:teehee:Hi! I'm Kaitlin, I'm from Greenwood, South Carolina, US I was introduced to mika by my friend, well her myspace :wink2: her description of him went a little like this, "oh yeah, thats mika, hes hot, British, and can sing, hes my favorite singer" so I got on itunes and downloaded "Stuck in the middle" I absolutely LOVED it, and I love how my first song I heard by him wasn't "Grace Kelly" since, that is the case for most people in the US, sadly, well I have never seen mika in concert, but as I've saw, he was in

Atlanta(2007), so I'm waiting for him to come back :plane: --> :band: but, I have a backup plan, if he doesn't come to Atlanta, I will have to come to him :blush-anim-cl: my favorite song by mika is either, "lollipop" or "blame it on the girls" I'm a HUGE fan! mika makes me happy :) not many people in my area "knew" who he was.. well, now they do. :teehee: ahh, blame it on me :roftl:


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