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Hello Everybody :)


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I'm Elif from Turkey. My English isn't perfect, I'm learning it. (If I do some-sure I will-mistake plz correct me) And I also didn't attend much forums and fun clubs.

But this is Mika :wub2: and I think must be in a fun club. I had heard some songs of him but I had been an idiot and hadn't searched him till few weeks ago. When I listened to him and see his energy and everything. His life was also very interesting and I became crazy about him. Before I didn't like pop music almost at all, but now I know pop is not dead

I'm 14 and in prep class at a high school. Learning Chinese and by seeing Mika I want more to learn French.



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Hi Elif!!! welcome to MFC...have fun!!! my english isn't perfect too but a friend said that we can practice here and i totally agree...:thumb_yello:


I agree too. So maybe if we got a chance we can speak Mika maybe :D Has anyone been to a concert of him? He's been to Turkey but that times I didn't know him well it was in far away city :blink: I hope he'll come here again and that time wherever it's I'll go :wink2:

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hi Elif and WELCOME!!!


i love how you said you haven't been in forums before but since it's mika this has to be a fun club!:thumb_yello: sooo true :aah:...i hope you have a lotta fun on here!


Thank you. Love that forum :D You all are so friendly :roftl:

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Merhaba :bye: Welcome to the MFC.


There are quite a few Turkish fans, but they have been very quiet lately :blink:


This is the thread about Mika's appearance in Turkey in 2010 http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23670


Ok thank you :wink2: Actually first I discover Mika I was looking for news about his Turkey appearence. I saw they were talking about it and there was a Turkish girl who couldn't go to concert. Then I decided to join in :blush-anim-cl: And thanks to you I watched his interview in Turkey for the first time and I loved him even much more :)

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