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tb tv interview :) - 2007 Video


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i dont think it was posted before. but i found it! yaay

he even messed it up :roftl: and he even said Why Not :wink2:

everything's make believes and eeek ***faint***

awwww :wub2:




ohh yaa...btw, Mika, if you read this...i hope you would perform somewhere near Oslo if you're coming!! pwiiiiiiiiiiiis?? **puppy eyes**

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Awwww.... Who can blame the poor guy for making a mistake-hes so cute!! It's a wonder he knows what hes doing,never mind where at. Hes in a different place practically every day!!

Thanks for this video it was great!! xx

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Mixing Holland and Norway up! How will he ever come to Holland again when he can't tell the difference!!?:shocked:

Well, making this mistake on television will maybe sort things out in his head:naughty:. I must confess... I'm not that good at geography too...so really I can't blame him:blush-anim-cl:

Thanks for posting this BTW!!hadn't seen this before:thumb_yello:

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Oh don't worry! You can watch it here :original:


Wonderful as always Sou, thankyou!!:thumb_yello: Funny how it didn't come up on your YT subscriber's list today though...or I would have seen it before checking the forums tonight...

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