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Mika songs connect with your life?


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Do you think that Mika songs connect with your life?

I mean thAt if any of Mika songs describes a part of your life?

For example ''Love Today'' is totally connected with my love life.

Love Love me

Love Love me

Love Love.

I'm trying to find someone to love me.....:blush-anim-cl:



Write your own........:biggrin2:

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Nice thread! :cool:


My Interpretation is really connected to my life,to my love life!

Maybe the fact that Mika has never explained its meaning makes it more perfect to me.

It makes me think of my boyfriend,of all "the things we left unsaid",of all the sadness and the pain that our breaking up caused me.

It does make a lot of sense to me in fact.

...too hard to explain.

You know,when you feel that there have been lots of missunderstandings and the only thing you can do is taking it in your own way and saying "this is my interpretation and I KNOW it don't make sense,but it don't have to make sense to you at all"...*sigh*

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Uhmm, let's start.

- Grace Kelly: i connect it with the fact that my mom just doesn't accept me for what i am, and she always tries to make me look like my friends, or my cousin or whoever she thinks is better than me. I've spent my whole life trying to please her etc, but now i've given up. i got it: she doesn't like the way i've grown up. but now i'm so strenght-less that i just don't care, cause otherwise i'm spoiling my life. so the part when mika says "why don't you like me" always hurts a bit..

- My Interpretation: there was a period in which i had a "dispute" with a friend: she was so stubborn that she was so convinced of her ideas that she never tried to listen to me. I remember that My Interpretation was a vent song for me when it says "cause i don't care if i ever talk to you again"

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Of course I feel a connection, otherwise I wouldn't be so hung up on him! :) I really, really love his lyrics. I guess that's it, right? He sings about feelings I share, but couldn't possibly express in such a gracious fashion!

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yep with:



Relax, take it easy

For there is nothing that we can do.

Relax, take it easy


There is an answer to the darkest times.


because I'm a determinist (some kind of philosophical conviction that you believe that everything that has to happen, will happen and that everything happens for a reason).


Ring Ring

the entire song!!! It reminds me soooo much of an ex!!! that just wouldn't leave me alone! he's crazy!

Big Girl

Walks in to the room

Feels like a big balloon


yep, that's me




Erase, my love

I bet you can’t erase my touch


It's so true...

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Hmm. What song...


Happy Ending for one particular moment in my life but i wont bore you with details...




That could probably link with "over my shoulder" too.


Ring Ring...yeah. some people are so annoying!

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Yeah definately.


Grace Kelly - being a teenager, all the pressure to fit in and all that. And also the lyric "Say what you want to satisfy yourself, but you only want what everybody else says you should want" reminds me of so many people from school, who are just so fake/follow the crowd. And it really does my head in so I lvoe this song as it makes me realise I'm not the only person that wants to be individual!


My Interpretation - "I don't care if I never talk to you again, this is not about emotion, I don't need a reason not to care what you say" completely relates to the situation between me and my (ex) mate at the mo. She's just started being a complete bitch to me for NO reason, but for once in my life I couldn't care less (I think that's partially due to this song), I'm better off without her!


Relax (Take It Easy) - I'm doing exams at the mo, need i say more?


Happy Ending - Completely. "This is the way that we love like its forever, then live the rest of our lives but not together". Well I won't go into that, but I can relate to it, put it that way lol.


Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - "Diet Coke and a pizza please" my fave meal!! haha


I guess this is why I love Life In Cartoon Motion so much lol!


x x x x

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Happy Ending...(my ex.. over 6 years ago - still yearning)

Stuck in the middle(husband now who's trying to change me)

Instant Maytr(I am this a bit, sadly)


and many of the other too, but these first come to mind:blink:

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like all of ring ring.. cause there's this really creepy kid who is like trying trick me into going to prom with him by whatever means nessecary and i'm like UIHDLIFSL EW! and also erase relates a lot because of sad things that i don't really care to talk about.. and "live your life until love is found, cause love's gonna get you down" is like my words to live by. stuck in the middle reminds me of when i got in a fight with this one girl who was really good friends with one of my really good friends and the evil girl didnt want my friend talking to me.. "MY TROOPS ARE BIGGER THAN YOURS!" yeah because i have a lot more friends that that (@*#$&(@&!@*#@!!!!!!! and also my friends kinda betraying me a little. i could go on forever but i have studies to do lol!

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oh my i love this thread.


the song i connect to the most is love today because I'm in good spirits alot more then the people that are around me, so I'm always thinking "just let yourself have a good time, the world isn't all that bad!"


and it's the best song to listen to when your in that mood!



any way you want to any way you got to,

love love me!!

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I'm being serious!

But i think every song of his some way or another connects with me!

Speshally grace-kelly - [ reminds me of ma childhood ( bullyin days ), kinda lifts me up and makes me feel better about the whole experience becoz at the end of the day you cant change urself for somebody! Just be urself! thats wht counts right.

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For me it's In Any Other World.

Because over the last few months things have been a little tough with my business with not much work coming in, so I've had to sell my house and now I'm going to rent for a while as it's cheaper. So as you can imagine I've not felt like smiling much, so when I hear the lyrics "Smile and try to mean it, to make yourself let go" it feels like it was written for me.

On the other hand though, Love Today, drags me right back up on my feet and gets me happy again for a while.

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Ah. Of course Mika's songs connect with my life.

This is part of why I love him so much.


Grace Kelly:

Do I attract you?

Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?

Am I to dirty?

Am I to flirty?

Do I like what you like?

I could be wholesome...

I could be loathsome

I guess I'm a little bit shy...

Why don't you like me

Why don't you like me without making me try?

(mostly the whole song)


Love Today

Bein Crying for so long

Fighting tears just to carry on

but now...

but now...

It's gone away!


The Only Lonely One

Got lots of things, but it's not enough

Am I the only lonely one?




Relax, Take it Easy

Hmm....mostly the whole song.


Any Other World

I tried to live alone

but lonely is so lonely alone

so human as I am

I had to give up my defences

So I smile and try to mean it

to let myself let go


take a bow

play the part of a lonely lonely heart


Stuck in the Middle

Who will beleive me

Won't deceive me

Won't try to change me


Who want's to love me

just to love me?


Hmm. Yeah.

Those lyrics are the one's that mean the most to me. There are a little more, but then this post would be longer than it already is. lol.

But now that Mika and his music came along I'm a little more confident in myself then I was before. I know I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not.


And I usually relate to songs by their mood/genre.

Like If I'm sad....I listen to Any Other World or If I'm happy I'll listen to Love today.

Yup. =D

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I think it's Only lonely one, because I feel so alone. I mean, that when I'm here, with all of you, (even, though I don't know you personally) I feel happy. You all share my passions and obsessions. But, when I'm at school, noone understands me, treat me like a geek, I'm not like that! I have only one person I can talk to and tell everything, that's hard. My parents think, that the 'music' I listen to isn't really a music, and 30 years earlier, that was music! Only my brother says, that Mika is ok, and his songs are fine. I'm closed in my own world with Mika. And of course other musicians. I hope you understand me.

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the song which is more connected with my lifeis "relax take it easy"...not all the song but only the title....

this is my sentence...all day i keep on saying it to myself!!!!!in this period i'm quite stressed...:boxed:

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I would have to say that if it wasn't for Mika i would probably still be down in the dumps about my ex... :(

I couldn't stop thinking about him and then all of a sudden i see Mika on video and im Like WoW and ever since then i hardly talk about "Willie" and dont shut up about Mika... :)

My interpretation relates everything about my past break up sometimes it brings a tear to my eye... but it's my favorite still.

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