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Hey alll , please keep an eye on "new" random threads , the forum take time and cost to run (see the help us section :biggrin2: ) , just before firing up a new thread , consider it and also use the search tool to see if its been posted before.We have many threads on pictures of how cute Mika is , one thread for example could have all of those in , easier to find and all contained together ....


Thanks :thumb_yello:

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I hear and obey :) Thanks for the reminder!


Also, does it save us anything, as far as bandwidth or whatever, to put pix in the gallery rather than in a thread in the forums? Just curious...



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Search, search and destroy. :hunter: :hunter:


Good point though!


I have noticed recently that videos and pics and downloads are not always put under the threads at the bottom specially for that! Sometimes things are posted in the news and chat forums when they are already in the members area!


Go, have look down there - you might find some treasure!:mf_rosetinted:

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we need this one more than ever since yop's gone :(


True , she was the forum hoover , will miss her :emot-sad:


me too :emot-sad:


oooooooooooooooooooh :tears: that is so moving !!! :tears: and so old :naughty::roftl:


about the old threads, i think it's better to use an old thread that says the same than open a new one and close the old one : the old one will still take its space and the new one will add its space to the old one...

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Mods I have a question : I have seen a user (if not a few users) that come on MFC and don't post but put inappropriate pics of themselves , do you ban them or just let this happen?


Where do they put these pics if they're not posting?

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