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Left handed, right handed or ambidextrous


Left, right or ambidextrous?  

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  1. 1. Left, right or ambidextrous?

    • left handed
    • right handed
    • Ambidextrous person

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The title says it all. :D


I'm a ambidextrous person. I can write with my right and left hand. Normally I prefer writing with my right hand. But when I can't do it anymore, I continue writing with my left hand.

My piano teacher encouraged me to learn it. He said it would be handy (:naughty:). And he was right.


Thanks for voting :original:

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm ambidextrous because I'm really energetic and got my bones broken often...it is said that I was borned as a lefthanded but I learned to write with right hand when I was about 7-8 because I broke my left arm several times...

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ive always wanted to be ambidextrous!! i just always thought it would be soo cool!


It can be cool. Though it also can have it disadvantages. Some people suffer from indecision concerning what bodyhalf one should use...

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i'm just your average right-hander i can write with my left of course but it takes forever and takes just as long to make it out, but i thought i'd try and improve it a few years ago and try to use my left hand more because it really does help out in a lot of ways especially when playing an instrument or some sports like tennis, but i wasn't getting too far so i dropped it eventually

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