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Happy 7th Anniversary: The Boy Who Knew Too Muc...

Sep 24 2016 08:24 AM | dcdeb in Mika News

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This month we're celebrating the 7th anniversary of the release of Mika's second studio album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.


The album debuted at its peak position of number four on the UK Albums Chart and sold an estimated 1.5 million copies worldwide.
According to one interview, Mika said, "the context of a lot of the storyline is my adolescence. I made movies in my head and I was a loner. I was always a watcher, and there are a lot of references in the album's lyrics about looking from the outside in. The boy who knew too much because he always sat around looking at everybody, the stalker." He's also said, "With the album, I wanted to paint this kind of comic-book version of my adolescence. I made a conscious decision to try and write a few more songs in the first person. Unfortunately, I've written songs that have dealt with a lot of different things from my personal life and these kind of psychosexual melodramas set within an adolescent context but all framed within pop music. The only difficult thing for me now is I get asked questions about all these things."


We have the comprehensive lyrics for all the songs from this album HERE and have discussions about each of the songs HERE.


Please join us in celebrating this terrific album's 7th birthday!

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Mika's New Show

Sep 13 2016 09:39 PM | dcdeb in Mika News

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Mika as a TAXI DRIVER?


That's what his last tweet said!


Or is there something more going on?


Read about Mika's latest TV project, and why he's working as a taxi driver, HERE.

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"Kids Are Golden" - MFCers Raising Mone...

Aug 31 2016 07:17 PM | dcdeb in Mika News

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Mika is involved in the association "Imagine for Margo," dedicated to collecting funds to help the research for the cancer of children.


Every year the association organizes a running/walking "race" opened to anybody who can collect a minimum of 200€ as donation for the association.


This year several fans of Mika are already registered for the race that will take place near Paris on Sunday 25th September.
They have created a group for the race named "KIDS ARE GOLDEN"


Maybe few other fans will participate. But also more fans will come to Paris to support us the day of the race.


The objective is of course to collect as much as possible to help the research.


Everyone can support either by sending money to the association (link of our group below) or even just spreading the news or sending messages of support.


Every single Euro is important!


It doesn't matter which person of the group you will support as all the money collected will go to the association.


In priority please support persons who still have not yet collected 200€ that is the minimum to be able to participate to the race.


Mika did a lot for this cause and we, his fans, will do our best to give our contribution as a big family ❤


Thanks to all!


And thanks to those who already gave their support after our few tweets of last days


This is the link to support the group "KIDS ARE GOLDEN" :



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Aug 18 2016 09:56 AM | dcdeb in Mika News

We're wishing our favorite singer a very happy 33rd birthday today, 18th August!


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Join us in sending MIKA our best birthday greetings HERE!

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No Place in Heaven Goes Platinum in Italy

Aug 08 2016 12:14 PM | dcdeb in Mika News

:excite: :excite: :excite:


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L'album NoPlaceInHeaven di MIKA è certificato Disco di Platino da FIMI_IT!


Mika's album No Place In Heaven has been certified as a Platinum Disk by FIMI (Federation Industria Musicale Italiana).


This means the album has sold more than 50,000 copies.


Congratulations, MIKA! :yay: :yay: :yay:

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Meet & Greet in Cernobbio - 2 August 2016

Aug 06 2016 12:06 PM | dcdeb in Mika News

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Mika held a meet & greet with 100 members of Mika Fan Club after his show in Cernobbio to celebrate the end of the No Place in Heaven Tour.


See more photos and videos, and read reports of this fun-filled evening HERE.

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Jul 31 2016 09:09 AM | dcdeb in Mika News

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Ciao a tutti! :bye:


Abbiamo una iniziativa molto speciale organizzata dal Team di Mika esclusivamente per i soci del MFC: salutare Mika dopo il concerto di Cernobbio! :cheer:


100 soci del club saranno invitati per incontrare Mika dopo il concerto che si terrà alla splendida Villa Erba di Cernobbio.


Dovete solo avere un biglietto per lo show, essere iscritti al MFC e mandare una email a mfccontest@gmail.com con:
-- il vostro nome e cognome
-- il vostro nickname MFC
-- la vostra età e
-- un numero di telefono.


I 100 vincitori saranno estratti a sorte e riceveranno 1 pass (uno solo) a testa per il Meet Mika a Cernobbio. :fangurl:


Se volete venire in gruppo, i tutti i vostri amici a partecipare! Mandate la vostra mail ora, il concorso si chiude alle 19.00 di
lunedì, ora italiana.


Tutti i vincitori riceveranno una mail entro martedì a mezzogiorno. Buona fortuna! :excite:


Gli ultimi biglietti disponibili per il concerto si trovano qui:






We have a very special initiative organized by Mika's team exclusively for the members of the MFC (Mika Fan Club): meet MIKA the concert in Cernobbio on 2 August!


100 fans of the MFC will be invited to meet Mika after the concert, which will be held at the beautiful Villa Erba in Cernobbio.


You must have a ticket for the show, be registered with MFC, and send an email to mfccontest@gmail.com with:


-- your first and last name
-- your MFC nickname
-- your age and
-- a telephone number


The 100 winners will be selected randomly and will receive *1* pass (only 1) to meet Mika at Cernobbio.


If you want to come as a group, all your friends must participate!


Send your email now, the contest closes at 19.00 on Monday, 1 August, Italian time.


All the winners will receive an email on Tuesday, by noon. Good luck! :excite:


You can find tickets to this show here:




And we are talking about the Cernobbio show HERE.

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Mika gets Best Talent Award #Giffoni2016

Jul 24 2016 06:04 AM | mari62 in Mika News

22 July 2016
Mika gets Best Talent Award @Giffoni Film Festival


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Mika was a guest @ Giffoni Film Festival and received the Best Talen Award.
You can read more about the event, watch pics and videos of his appearance and his long and interesting interviews HERE,

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MIKA Returns to Milan for Swatch Signing 1 August

Jul 22 2016 08:34 AM | dcdeb in Mika News

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L'1/8 MIKA sarà allo Store di Milano in Piazza Gae Aulenti 1 dalle 18:30 alle 20:00 per firmare Swatch MUMU!


On 1 August, Mika will be at the Milan Swatch Store in Piazza Gae Aulenti, signing his new Swatch MUMU, from 18:30 to 20:00!


We're talking about this new signing session HERE.

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Message from Barolo

Jul 18 2016 11:42 AM | dcdeb in Mika News

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Mika performed to a sold out crowd in Barolo last night at the Collisioni Festival, and he shared this message with those in attendance, and for all of us.

"Quando c’è l’intolleranza, la crudeltà, io non riesco a rimanere sul mio culo seduto. Quello che stiamo facendo qua non è un privilegio. Quando voi cantate, quando io ballo o dico stupidaggini, quando noi siamo uniti insieme senza avere paura di niente.. Questo non è un privilegio, questo è necessario. Io ballo per dire vaffanculo, e non lo dico con rabbia o intolleranza, ma con gioia e con il cuore. Quindi balliamo, perché possiamo ballare e dobbiamo ballare, e quindi balliamo con speranza."
TRANSLATION: When there is intolerance, cruelty, I can't just stay seated on my ass. What we are doing here is not a privilege. When you all sing, when I dance or say stupid things, when we are united together without being afraid of anything... This is not a privilege, it is necessary. I dance to say "fuck you" and I don't say it with anger or intolerance, but with joy and with my heart. Then let's dance, because we can dance and we must dance, and then we dance with hope.

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