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Type with your nose!


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mika, come to rgentina


:biggrin2: Pretty well, except for the missing 'a' in 'argentina'. I would have loved to add an exclamation mark, but there's no way I can do that, since I have just one nose (thanks God). :naughty:


HAHAHAH! I just realized how funny it is to think about all of us, people from around the world, snogging our keyboards just for the sake of it!

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Cheat!:roftl: Well done:sneaky2: :biggrin2:


HAHAHA how can you cheat when you type with your nose? Btw, it helps if you have Mika playing while you're doing it. :wink2:


i l0ve m1ka AND THE MFC


ok so notice I accidently clicked the caps lock button haha you know its not to shabby!


Hah, either that or you just got excited and wanted to show your love for the MFC. It's okay you can come out and tell us instead of blaming it on the caps lock button. :naughty:

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