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Your Japanesse name


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Well, in Japanese class, I am Nikora Ganto XD


According to this, though, I'm Tokimi Motaka! Tokimi is definitely a Japanese name, but Motaka is just random syllables XD


If I'd use my real name that would be...






My name obviously wasn't meant to be translated to Japanese. :roftl:


LOL! It works better if you just use your first name =)

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It's just a silly game, you replace the letters in your name with the things on the list.



T - chi

O - mo

M - rin

O - mo

M - rin

I - ki




Wow, that's quite a tongue twister :bleh:


But I have to say it's not Japanese!!!

Aw..ok, it's Japanesse...

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A- ka

B- tu

C- mi

D- te

E- ku

F- lu

G- ji

H- ri

I- ki

J- zu

K- me

L- ta

M- rin

N- to

O- mo

P- no

Q- ke


S- ari


U- do

V- ru

W- mei

X- na

Y- fu

Z- z



My name would be Kutakizkatukuchiri...


Soo groovey man!!!!:thumb_yello:

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