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Magazine scan: CHERISSE


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So I was rehearsing with my band and we have this table full of magazines and one called me it said: Ingie, yoehoooo over heeerrreeee! Soooo, I grabbed the magazine which was a mag for drummers and I looked at the frontpage and read: INTERVIEW: CHERISSE OFUSU OSEI Sooo I got all excited and I took it out and now I present it to you:





Aaaand the translation:


Cherisse Ofusu Osei: From Metal to Mika

"Yes ofcourse we'll do an interview! Call me once you're at the festival, I'll look out for you." Cherisse Ofusu Osei has despite her gig with Mika no diva attitute at all. She doesn't have a lot of experience with Lowlands though, I notice that when we have found each other. "I had no idea it was this huge. And is there a place where there is no mud? I believe I put on the wrong shoes."


She is just 21 years old, barely one and half meter tall, but she already has a whole career behind her. Cherisse Ofusu Osei got noticed for the first time 3 years ago with the metalformation Mantas, where she played the double bassdrums. After that she played in her own girltrio The Faders, and now she is arranging the poppy discobeats of Mika. A lady who can't be pigeonholed, it seems. "I just kinda like everything. And as a drummer nowadays you must know how to play all styles. Especially as a woman, because then it's hard enough to be taken serious." Osei was just at middleschool when she was caught by the drumvirus. "There was a drumclub at our school and I was just taking a peek there. Then I was sold immediately. Every break and after school, every moment I could, I went there to drum. After that it didn't take long before I started in my first band. I just wanted to play, didn't matter if it was rock, pop or jazz; if someone was willing to play, I was immediately there."



"I was 16 years old when a friend of my father, old Venom-bassist Tony Dolan, asked me if I wanted to play drums at Mantas. That was very different from what I was used to; all those heavy-metaldudes with tattoos everywhere. I played in venues where I think I was the only woman. I at least was the youngest of everyone. When the Faders started doing well, I unfortunately had to quit."

"The Faders was really our thing and we were very lucky to be succesful. But at the beginning of last year we got the feeling that it wasn't working anymore. It was like the musicstyle already passed it's peak. Actually we impulsively decided to quit. Everyone wanted to do something else. I could immediately start touring with the Swiss band Calaifa. During the tour I was introduced to Mika's manager. And he was looking for a drummer..."


Upside down

"Mika was totally unknown at that point. He had just recorded his album, drums were played by Matt Chamberlain, but the first single still had to be released. But when that happened, it seemed like the world had turned upside down!"

"I get a lot of freedom from Mika, and I think that's great. He encourages me to really do my own thing. Besides I now get to play on stages I could only dream of last year!"

"I know have a life every musician dreams about. Endorsments with huge brands, I'm on all the big stages, interviews with music magazines, and you can go on. At the same time I realize that I'm only 21 years old and this success can be over soon. Until that happens I'm going to enjoy every second of it!"

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For both the posting and the translation, thank you IngievV! :wub2: It's nice to learn a little more about Mika's bandmembers, especially Cherisse because she is so young and talented, interesting, and sounds like a fun person to know!:thumb_yello:

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Thanks for the post Ingie, it was a great read :thumb_yello:


It's great hearing her side of story of how things are, and knowing a bit more about her. Thanks for posting! :biggrin2:


Yes i agree with you it is nice to hear her view on things, Cherisse does seem a really nice person :thumb_yello:

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