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Mika in the Royal Opera House, "Pilgrim's Progress"

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listen. So...

Ive been doing research all night. I have found out only this much:




When the Royal Opera House did their 1998 performance of "Pilgrim's Progress"

Mika played the Woodcutter's Boy, and can be heard on the recording.


He has a song of his own in Act IV, Scene I (Act 4 Scene 1)

"The Pilgrim Meets Mister By-Ends"


I would LOOOOVEEE to hear what Mika sounded like when he was 15!

Unfortunatly, the song is only available on Itunes through ALBUM ONLY.

Which means you would have to buy the whole $20.00 album just to hear the song. I have no luck anywhere else on the internet or youtube. Can anyone help me out? I WANT TO HEAR IT!






-sAmMy ;D

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Wow, he even had an amazing voice at that age! Adorable *awww* :wub2:

(On that rhapsody site you can listen to the entire song for free.)


It wont let me listen 'cuz I'm not in the US :tears: :tears: :mad3:


I'll have to buy the CD - good job I like Vaughan Williams - there's a lot of CD that isn't Mika!:naughty:

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