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Katy Perry and Travis McCoy Call it Quits

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This is for the best!


I Kissed A Girl singer Katy Perry and her boyfriend, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy, have broken up. And not because she's kissed a girl!


On the day of New Year's Eve, Travis took to his blog to let the world know what he's going through.


He didn't hold back!


Says Travis:


We fight every night, now that’s not kosher

I reminisce with bliss of when we was closer

And wake up to be greeted by an argument again

You act like you’re ten

So immature, I try to concentrate on a cure

And keep lookin’ at the front door

Thinkin’ if I were to evacuate

You’d probably be straighter than straight

And wouldn’t have so much hate

‘Cause you don’t know the pain I feel when I see you smilin’

And when I roll up you start wilin’

So I front like everything’s hunky-dory

But it’s a whole different story

You don’t like the fact that I’m me

I don’t put on a show

When it comes time for you to have company

And your friends don’t understand your choice of man

They speak proper while my speech is from a gargabe can

But regardless, you shouldn’t have to be so raw

I’m lookin’ at the front door


And when you’re with your friends, I glide to the side

Until the spotlight is mine and never sabotage a good time

But when they’re not around, the fights commence

I’m the one you’re against and it doesn’t make sense

‘Cause I’m the one that you claim to love for life

But all I get is gray hairs and strife

And I can play some ole stuck-up rapper role

And get foul every time you lose control

But that’s not my order of operations

So I should win an award for lots of patience

‘Cause that’s all a fella can have

With a girl who’s shootin’ up his world like Shaft

And I don’t think that I can take it anymore

I’m lookin’ at the front door


My friends always tell me how I’m lucky to possess

The best looking girl in the whole U.S.

But every time you scream, you blow your finesse

Tryin’ to dis the Profess-

Or twenty-four hours of acting sore

Sometimes I wish you’d come down with lockjaw

So I don’t have to take in the breakin’

You treat me like a burnt piece of bacon

It seems like just two years

Back when we were bonded and not pierced

But now I keep itchin’ to jet

Sitting’ in the chair just to stare, set to sprint

Yo, sweetheart, you better take a hint

I say it now like I said it before

I’m lookin’ at the front door


Katy, what do U have to say?


So will she turn our boy's heart and be more than just "friends"? :wink2:

I think it will be a case of watch this space?


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oh my god.

isn't Mika a bit busy at the moment, y'know like, making his album and all.

katy perry is a nice girl, but i couldn't really imagine them together:boxed:

but, if thats what he wants then i'll try not to be bothered about it.

was i imagining things or did she say at some point that they were going to get married? or was she talking about some one else?

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i mentioned to someone that it was a matter of time before a thread with this title gets posted!

i should have made a bet!! :naughty::naughty:


I wouldn't have made that bet anyway. :roftl:


I like the denial that happens every time it's suggested that Mika might be in/get into a relationship. Oh he's so busy! Like no one ever had a career and a relationship at the same time. :naughty:


Sorry girls, Mika is not going to be available for the rest of his life. Katy Perry or not.


I have to say if it weren't for some mitigating factors I would love to see these two together. I think they'd make a celebrity supercouple and it would be great for their careers.

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Oh my goodness, I can't believe that we're having this discussion again :roftl:


I must admit that I was also a bit dubious about Katy and this guy, because they seem so different that I never understood them being together, but reading this blog makes me see in under a different light now...:blink: He seems sweeter than I thought he would be.


I guess I was judging the book by its cover and thought he'd be a bit of an ass. Well, he could still be, but you get my point :roftl:.


Anyway regarding Mika and Katy, I would say that no, I can't see it happening, and also why does everyone think that he's single anyway???? :wink2:

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No, no, no:wink2:

Why this would not appeal to me:

1. They would become great tabloids' fodders, which I would hate Mika to become.

2. I would HATE Mika being musically put on the same shelf as Katy, and this would inevitably happen if they were together:blowup:

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i mentioned to someone that it was a matter of time before a thread with this title gets posted!

i should have made a bet!! :naughty::naughty:


It was a couple of days ago and as nobodyelse said it....I couldn't resist! :roftl:

Hey I know nothing.....just Perez printed this that's all...Only MIKA knows if MIKA kissed a girl he would like it.....:wink2:


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