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Mika to join village people

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January 24, 2007



ZANY singer MIKA doesn't want to buy a country mansion like most rich pop stars.


Instead, he's planning to splash out on a whole VILLAGE.


The Beirut-born star – at No1 this week with single Grace Kelly – has already decided how he'll spend the millions he looks set to make from his blossoming music career.


He said: "I have this dream. I want to build a little village, just for me, and have all these houses for different purposes.


"I'd have 'The Art House', where I'd paint, and 'The Baking House', where I'd bake.


"I don't know how to cook, but it's a nice idea!


"It would be somewhere in the Cotswolds, somewhere idyllic and perfect."


The 23-year-old, whose debut album Life In Cartoon Motion is out on February 5, has finally tasted success after years of pestering uninterested record companies with his demos.


Indeed, at one stage Mika's career was going so badly that he was even FIRED as a music tutor.


He admitted: "I tried giving private tuition in music as an evening job while I was at college – but I would always get fired really quickly because I can't sight-read music.


"But who wants to learn the piano that way anyway? I just learnt by listening to records and making little songs up."


Mika's ungrateful clients may have spurned him – but his chart success means he's at last teaching them a lesson.




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Actually, this sounds like a great idea to me. I often think if I won a mega lottery I'd buy a bunch of houses together in a development for the people I care about to live in one place, but Mika's idea sounds even better. :naughty:

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